Saturday, September 6, 2014

5 Elements of successful investors [Book review]

The book: "5 elements of successful investors" is a book on how different personality types can affect the behaviour of investors and how we should discover our own personalities and find the investing style that suits us. There are many instruments and many styles of both investment and trading. I discovered that most people will start with trading in Forex, stocks, Options as it looks really attractive to make more money. Young people want the fast pace and hype in trading these products and many think that they can learn and succeed in it just because they are young. Then there will be older people who also want to have a try in trading and think that they too can succeed in it with their experience and maturity that they have. However, this is often not the case and most lose money in trading.

A copy of the book I read

Why people lose or make money?

Some of us may think why do some people make money while some lose money? The answer lies deeply in the understanding of our own personalities. In the book "5 elements of successful investors", the authors, Xeo Lye and Jonathan Quek, will give you 4 + 1 personality types to let you understand yourself better. The 4 elements they have are Fire, Earth, Air and Water. The last element is the Spirit which is quite interesting. They even have a check list questionnaire to determine which personality type you most likely belong to.

About the Authors

Xeo Lye Co-authored the book with Jonathan Quek. Xeo is known for his speaking role in Singapore's national financial literacy program "Moneysense" as well as his involvement in a series of financial talk shows with Singapore's Mediacorp Radio. He is the co-founder of which is a financial games design company that aims to help people understand the complex world of finance through gaming workshops, board games and mobile applications. He's passionate in educating the public on financial matters.

Jonathan Quek is active in educating the public on financial education. He has been featured in various financial summits and expos in Singapore and Malaysia. Just recently, he was a speaker at financial growth summit and invest fair in Malaysia. He's the founder of, a financial youth intelligence and wealth insider group.

More about the book

The book continues to talk about financial literacy in our society. Family background and social pressures will affect our financial decisions and habits in life. This in turn affects our personality. It even teaches you how to find the right financial advisor and warns you on some of the deceptions that so called "Gurus" communicate to us. The thing I like about the book is it also has a history of the world economy and how markets performed over the years since the early 1900s. An understanding of history and economics is important in investment as it helps us to learn from past trends which creates a cycle of boom and bust.

The book is already sold in book stores in Singapore. It will be beneficial for investors who want to understand their investment personality better. This is my personal opinion after reading the book sponsored by the authors themselves. Thank you Xeo and Jonathan for the book!

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