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What Service I Provide?

Everyone will need a mortgage loan for the purchase of a house in Singapore. Choosing the right housing loan package can save you quite a lot of money as housing prices are high here. After that, refinancing is also important to get the best interest rates for our mortgages.

A 1% difference in interest rates will save you a few hundred dollars a month!

Mortgage consultancy service is provided completely free of charge. It saves you time and money.

Services includes:
  • Comparison of mortgage loan packages from all banks and financial institutions in Singapore
  • Advice on loan eligibility (TDSR, MSR etc)
  • New home loans application
  • Refinancing of existing loans
  • Overseas property financing
  • Commercial Loans
  • Conveyancing
  • Property Consultation (Buy/Sell)
  • Approval in Principle (AIP)
  • Saves time from going bank to bank
  • Customised solutions to your individual needs
  • 1 Day response time
  • Supported by Banks
  • Compare rates with ease
  • Lower refinancing fees 
  • Faster and smoother application process 
  • Skip the queues at the Bank
  • Free Consultation!!

Get the best rates, apply or refinance your loans with ease. Email me at sgyi@homeloanwhiz.com.sg for a complimentary consultation today! I deal directly with bankers from the banks itself.

Alternatively, select one of your enquires below to fill in a contact form and I'll get back to you shortly:

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  1. My bro (SC) & his wife (SPR) owns a 5 room hdb - fully paid. My self (SC) & my wife (SPR) owns a 3 room hdb - fully paid. All of us are working adults earning an average of $4k per month. No children. No financial burden. We thought to buy a $800k condo.

    1. What are the stamps duties and ABSD involves? How much?

    2. Our average age is 44. We can take a 22 yr loan.

    3. We want to pay as little Cash as possible, use our CPF to service the loan. What is best for us?

    1. Hi,

      The ABSD will be 7% for SC buying second property and 10% for SPR buying second property. If any one of the owners is SPR, the full 10% ABSD will be applicable

      A $640K loan for 22 years will require a combined income of at least $5800. The downpayment will be 20% with 5% minimum in cash. You can use as much CPF as you want to pay down more and take the rest in loan.

      Let me know if you need help in getting the right loan then. Can email me at sgyi@homeloanwhiz.com.sg

  2. Hi there, i read your article on the possibility to buying private property while owning HDB flat. 1 question i have is, do I have to stay in the HDB and rent out the private property or I can actually stay in the private property and rent out the HDB flat?

    Appreciate your response! thanks!

    1. Hi,

      It is stated on HDB website that youmust continue to stay in your HDB after acquiring private residential properties.

    2. so we need to stay in HDB n rent out the private property right?

    3. Hi Jaslin,

      Yes that's right

  3. Hi,
    My wife & me are both SC, fully paid own 4rm hdb. We planning to buy a private condo, for the 15% dp either by cash or cpf. I'm confuse as under the new ruling, each of us need to set aside $83k in our Cpf OA & SA.
    This 83k, can we fully use it to pay for the 15% dp or we need to have more than 83k, any excess after $83k can be use for the 15% dp?

    1. Hi,

      The dp for a private condo is 20%.

      You can actually use all your CPF in your OA for housing up to the valuation limit.

      For more information, you can refer to CPF website here: https://www.cpf.gov.sg/Members/Schemes/schemes/housing/public-housing-scheme#Item1628

  4. Can we use CPF to pay for BSD and ABSD?

    1. Yes CPF can be used to BSD and ABSD. However, you'll have to pay in cash first before CPF is being used to reimburse back to your bank account.

  5. Hi I own 5rm Hdb flat , think want to sale and invest private property buy a 10yr jade cond (4bed) near mrt , shopping and school . Rent out 2 room to cover bit loan . Buy a new cond invest for rental whole unit . It is possible

    1. Hi,

      If you have already fulfilled your 5 years MOP for your HDB, you can buy another private property. However, do take note there will be additional buyer's stamp duty imposed for the 2nd and third property. There will also be restrictions for the loan which you can take. It is good to work out the sums to make sure its worth it before proceeding.

  6. I want to sale my Hdb , buy 3yr or 5 yrs cond for living using my name. and take spare $ to invest another development condo using my hubby name . Can save extra stamps free

    1. Hi,

      Yes by doing that you don't have to pay the absd. However, do take note of the tdsr limit as you're buying as a single owner.

  7. Myself SC) and wife (SPR) owns a 5 room hdb worth about 440k - outstanding loan about $130k. No financial burden, no other loan. Cash saving about $200k. Both our Cpf OA add up to total 70k. Combined annual income $100k. We thought to buy a $850k private condo.

    1. Can we afford it? What are the stamps duties and ABSD involves?

    2. Our average age is 42, can we stretch the loan beyond 65?

    3. Should we keep the hdb to rent out or dispose it?

    1. Hi,

      To know if you can afford it, you'll need to do an AIP with the bank to know your loan eligibility. From my estimation, your case may be borderline. ABSD is 10% for second property as one of you is SPR.

      Yes you can stretch the loan beyond age 65 but you will only be eligible for 60% LTV.

      As one of you is a SPR, if you buy a private property, you'll have to sell it within 6 months after purchasing your private property.

  8. Hi,

    I am currently co-owning a 4room HDB apartment with my parents and the apartment still has a mortgage loan with HDB. I am currently working and living overseas and I would like to know if it is possible for me to buy a private condominium as an investment to rent? Would I be eligible for any bank mortgage and would that be possible given that I won't be staying in either of the apartments since I am overseas? I would appreciate any advice. Thank you!

    1. Hi there,

      If the MOP for your HDB has finished, you can purchase a private condo. However, do take note you'll have to pay absd and also your maximum loan will only be 50% of the property price as you currently own a HDB and also ave outstanding property loan.