Sunday, February 2, 2014

100,000 page views!

My blog has surpassed 100,000 page views right after Chinese new year! An auspicious time for an achievement indeed. Thank you all my readers for your support and i will definitely write more quality articles this year.

A peek at the top all time traffic source for my blog. As a finance blog, the top post should be something to do with investment but surprisingly it is not. The top all time posts was the post on my Taiwan trip which i manage to spend only $702 for 8 days. I discovered that various searches on Google ranked my Taiwan trip post as the top search result. You can try searching "Taiwan trip blog" or "taiwan trip itinerary" and both searches show my site as the first result. So, that's where the traffic is coming from. People love to travel and the most number of searches that come in was during the November and December holidays. That's when i know people are planning for their holiday trips. Well, till now there are still searches coming in so i guess there are people travelling throughout the year.

Some other financial bloggers will agree that we have a very small audience compared to lifestyle or travel bloggers. Indeed my travelling post become number 1 in page views. The second top page views post is on WhyMoolah which is a life simulation app to help young adults make wise financial choices. This was something interesting which i have also tried the app personally myself. You can try it if you had not done so. The third most page views is the post on POSB invest saver. I hope that post has helped more people in making better investment decisions.

For the readers who visited my blog, most are from Singapore. Next is followed by United States as the second, Malaysia as the third. There are people from many other countries including Europe, Russia, Australia, UK, Ukraine and other parts of Asia too. This is something interesting to me to have readers from all over the world.

Also, the Facebook page that i started with 0 Likes has already garnered 122 Likes as of now. Thanks to everyone who liked my page. Once again, thank you all of you for your support. Stay tune for more exciting post coming soon.

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