Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A night of experience with Japanese food

I have written on the Japanese economy and invested in Japanese properties. Today, I had the experience with Japanese food and find out why they are so popular even in Singapore.

My first stop was at Ramen play which sells amazing Japanese ramen with one of the best soup I've ever had. This concept was brought from Japan to Singapore by the well known BreadTalk group. BreadTalk is a very successful business with its restaurants and bakeries positioned almost everywhere in Singapore. I've ate at its the popular Din Tai Fung, bought bread from its BreadTalk bakeries and also had breakfast at toastbox before. Ramen play is a first time experience for me.

I ordered a double soup cha su ramen for $12.80. The presentation of the ramen was fantastic. With the lighting in the restaurant positioned in the right place, the noodles seems to be shining directly at me.

Can you see the bowl shining out?

The restaurant was quite packed at dinner time. Business is fairly good. There is no doubt about the quality of the food but of course the price is a bit pricey. But if you compare to other restaurants such as Ajisen, this is actually quite competively priced. So far, I've been impressed with all of Breadtalks' business concepts. They indeed focus a lot on quality which has gained them many loyal customers and a good brand name. No wonder their share price have been constantly rising. Those who've invested in the company in the early days probably are laughing away till now. 

The next stop was an experience in a place called the ministry of food. Similarly,  they also had a Japanese theme concept restaurant. I only had deserts there and these are the food I ordered to be shared with a friend:

A green tea shake and a red bean shake. Apparently, Japan is famous for their green tea and red bean. 

Red bean paste with Japanese dumplings and green tea ice cream

Ice cream with assorted fruits and Japanese Kanten Jelly

Ministry of food is a Singapore based company which started in 2006. The restaurant is fully packed even at 9pm. Their business is really good. They have a good environment for you to relax and chill in. Their menu really have a lot of deserts to choose from. I think I counted over at least 20 different deserts. However, price is not cheap. For that few deserts, it was already $34. 

That's all for my once in awhile indulgence. June is a month of bonus and pay increment for me. I also just got a small promotion on my job. Another good news is I'm already half way towards my 100k target by the age of 28. Even after all these indulgence, my financial state is still healthy and I'm still on track. 

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  1. Hi SGYI

    Agree that Ramen play is very competitively priced as compared to other ramen stalls which tend to be more in the 18 to 20 dollar range.

    Congrats also on your promotion and bonus. Wishing you a smooth journey ahead.

    1. Hi B,

      Thanks for your well wishes. Wishing you all the best in your new job and good health for your whole family!

  2. Promotion got big or small?

    You mean big is promoted to two or three level up?

    1. Hi Uncle CW,

      Oh no, i missed your comment. So sorry about it. Erm, promotion is small at my level. That's why i say small. haha. Management level then its big. Me just a small fly.

  3. Congrats! I hope I can be like you when I reach your age. I am still very young and green :/

    1. Hi Valkyrie,

      How old are you? I'm still young too :p

    2. Haha I am 24. Young in the working world and financially as well :)

    3. Haha, I'm 26 only. Not too far from you. Just that I started working early.