Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Eight Benefits of Living in a Community Housing

Buying a house is a massive investment any person can make. When purchasing your dream home, you should consider many factors. These can include price, location, size, floor plan, and house type, among others. Gambling with your future is not something you want to try. You have to go for the best housing project available. To save yourself from these conundrums you can opt for community housing. It's unique, unlike the traditional neighborhoods. A Community has areas designed to suit the needs of the residents. The benefits of finding a home in a community include:

You Stand out from the Rest

In the past, architects constructed most homes with the neighborhood concept. But, this has changed in modern times. Current developments are set up with the surrounding area in mind. It means that social amenities such as schools, parks, hospitals, banking, and other facilities are developed around them. Also, restaurants, grocery stores, schools, and entertainment facilities are developed along the community housing. In most cases, any community planning focuses on important details to include all the primary necessities. Most communities are centered on a particular theme such as lakes, tennis facilities, golf, or any other interactive feature. What makes the neighborhood unique is the fact that developers consider everything first before setting it up.

Exceptional Landscaping

Who doesn’t want to live in a community with beautifully trimmed lawns and easily accessible areas? You can reap many benefits by using sites like Property Guru to search for community housing ventures like Desa park city — meticulous landscaping is one of these features. What more the communities provide you with an area to jog, biking, and playgrounds. The pricing is competitive because the communities are all similar in their floor plan.

Don’t Worry About Devaluation 

An exceptional feature of the community housing is that the pricing remains steady. The owners of these houses keep the property in good condition throughout. Your dreams will come true when you settle in the park. The owners use top-notch contractors with years of experience to develop the property so you will get the best talent working on it in the market. Quality construction is beneficial because you don’t have to worry about repairs, you can just maintain the house in its current condition.

Space Brings Creativity 

As expert developers build homes, you will have more space inside and outside. Unlike the traditional neighborhood areas, a community housing will give you ample space for use. You can convert the outside space to be a patio or anything that suits your needs. You will enjoy a wide array of advantages from these homes. The materials used in the construction of the house are top quality, and residents benefit from the convenience of having all the facilities within the area. If you are into arts or any outdoor activity, then community housing is the best option for you.

It's a Proven Model

When investing for your future, you wouldn’t want to gamble your hard-earned cash. Invest in a proven model. AV homes website indicates there is significant growth in community housing. The model has received accolades for being one of the most practical designs. You can live comfortably knowing that the neighborhood is safe. Many have realized the benefits of community housing, and they are buying or renting such properties in large numbers.

You Get Full Value for Your Money

Investing in a home is not something you rush into and make a purchase. When you are looking for a solid housing investment, community housing is the best option. You get full value for your money as you can leverage on different forms of funding. Also, you can use it to borrow against property this allows you to improve your financial position with ease.

Flexibility Factor

Flexibility is the main factor people consider when looking for housing, and community housing will give you the ultimate experience. The housing cost is low, and you can enjoy the freedom of funding through shared equity. This kind of flexibility has made the community model better placed and specialized to address complex housing needs. You can easily fund the housing as Richmond American suggests.

Independent and Responsive 

Community housing is created with the needs of the occupant at hand. Not only will you get a quality house but also a dynamic environment that will suit your needs. The developers put the needs of the occupant in mind when developing the housing and suit your independent lifestyle. You can take a long-term approach to investing in your dream home and customize it to suit your preferences according to Connerton builders.

In conclusion, community housing provides total flexibility, comfort, and adequate space where you can bring your ideas to life. Do not invest in non-proven models, always go for time-tested models when so much money is involved, and it will bring satisfaction to all your housing needs.


  1. what are the community housing in SGP?

    1. Hi FC,

      Community housing is mostly from overseas. We don't have it in SG. The closest development we may have are the integrated developments where we have residences above and shopping mall below.

  2. No offence but gives me the feeling of hard-sell.

    But my 2c is yes there are benefits of living in one but it is more applicable overseas eg Malaysia or Thailand. And buy the priciest one you can afford as it is better to live where your neighbours are more affluent or where you are not among the top tier of income, the reasons why are politically-incorrect but hard truths nonetheless

    1. Hi CP,

      Yes its more applicable overseas. Thanks for your comments :)