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8 days in Australia [Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Noosa] - Planning tips and Day 1

Planning a holiday to a foreign country is not so straightforward especially if its your first time there. I just came back from a trip to Australia, the first for my family stepping into the country. Previously, our holidays were just centred around Asia so going to Australia was quite an eye opener in terms of the culture etc.

One of my relatives asked if we were interested to go to Gold Coast and after checking the flight tickets, we booked it immediately after seeing a good offer from Scoot which was on a 50% sale. In fact, we actually were considering going there last December joining a tour group but didn't go in the end. So, going there was sort of on our minds already.

Scooting to Gold Coast

Scoot has fantastic offers going to Gold Coast. Its a 7 hours plus flight and they only fly at night around 10pm plus so we had to try to sleep on the plane. I took a Scoot midnight flight to Taiwan many years back and was so tired when I landed as I just couldn't get enough sleep. The flight to Taiwan is only 4 hours plus so it was quite impossible to get some sleep. This time, on a 7 hours plus flight, I thought I could get more sleep but was still quite tired after landing. Besides the sleep, Scoot has pretty comfortable seats on their new dream-liner with enough leg space. I could stretch my legs all the way to the front without a problem. Their normal seats do not have headrest so its important to prepare your own neck pillow etc. I brought neck pillow, eye mask and also a back rest. It brought much more comfort for the flight.

Planning for the Gold Coast Trip

Before I go into the trip itself, I think the planning info would be good for readers who want to travel to this destination. As usual, for a free and easy trip, I start by googling to see how others plan their trip but was surprised on the lack of info I could find. As compared to destinations like Taiwan and Hong Kong, this was much harder to plan because I couldn't get the full picture from the resources I find online. I had to search from different sites to piece the info together.

Furthermore, most people only stop at the gold coast area for their holidays which really just 4 days there is enough. I booked my flight for 8 days so I had to venture out further. With that, I added in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Noosa heads into my itinerary. Besides the usual attractions in Gold coast such as visiting surfers paradise, Sea World, Movie World etc, we went to glass house mountains, farm stay and whale watching. It was partially a road trip where the furthest was about 3 hours drive away from Gold Coast.

Here's my itinerary:

Day 1
Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Day 2
Whale Watching and Sea World

Day 3
Surfers Paradise, Harbour Town, Movie World, Beachfront night markets

Day 4
Mount Tamborine and Brisbane

Day 5
Brisbane, glass house mountains and Farm stay

Day 6
Farm stay, Eumundi Farmer's market, Noosa Heads

Day 7
Farm Stay and back to Gold coast

Day 8
Return to Singapore

Renting a Car in Gold Coast

With so many places to venture out to, it is inevitable that we had to rent a car. It took me quite awhile to find a good car rental company because there are just so many in Australia. Also, we wanted to cover the excess portion which is the amount you have to pay should there be any accident. Most car rental companies start with $3500 excess and for me, I covered all the way until zero excess. The car rental price turned out to be only AUD$175 for 7 days in total because they had a promotion which I realised at a later date. They were kind enough to give me the rate. Oh yes, forgot to mention the car rental company is Apex car rentals. You can refer to their website here.

This car rental company is located near to the airport. They have shuttle bus service just outside the airport to bring us to their office so its quite convenient. Just need to use a public phone in the airport and call their toll free hotline. Its only a less than 5 minutes ride to their office. We rented a Hyundai Elantra which was a mid size sedan. It comfortably seats 4 people and I personally think the car is quite good even when I was driving on gravel road and also on the expressway at 110kmh.

Driving and Parking in Australia

Another concern I had was driving in Australia. Where to park? What are the traffic rules? After the experience driving there, I would say its largely the same as driving in Singapore. Some differences I realised is they have many roundabouts and they also have this slip road on the right. In SG, our slip road is on the left so it was a bit confusing.

For the whole trip, parking was all free. They have many free road side parking with limited time. I did research on all the parking signs and here are a few of the most common ones:

If you see 1P, its means you can only park at this area for 1 hour in the time stated on the sign. In this case, its 9am to 5pm from Mon-Sat. The Meter word below the 1P means that you need to pay for parking in this area but it is still limited to 1 hour. Outside the time and day stipulated on the sign, parking is free.

If you see 2P, it means you can only park at this area for 2 hours. This 2P does not have the Meter word below so its free for 2 hours in the stipulated time and day. Outside of these hours, its free for unlimited time.

There are other Ps such as 3P, 1/2P and even 1/4P. Just follow the signs and know how long you can park there. Every parking lot is fitted with a sensor so they will know how long you park there. For meter parking, there will be a meter box for parking payment near to the parking lots. Its not too difficult to spot.

One last thing is if there are no parking signs and there is no yellow line, parking is essentially free. You'll see other cars parked along the roadside as well so I guess it'll be safe to follow as long as we don't block other road users. I didn't pay a single cent for parking while driving in Australia so its really convenient.

For Brisbane, parking is hard so we walked instead. We also took the free city hopper which is their ferry service to get to some of the most popular places in Brisbane.

Petrol in Australia

When I was there, petrol prices were really cheap for the first few days. It was only $1.11 per litre for unleaded 91. It then went up to $1.41 for the last few days of my trip. All together, I spent about $80 for petrol for the 7 days trip. There are many petrol stations around Australia so its not difficult to find one. If you want to compare prices, you can refer to the website here.

Day 1

We arrived at Gold Coast airport at around 7am plus which was Singapore 5am plus. Not all planes fly to Gold coast airport so taking Scoot was quite convenient. I realised people in the past fly to Brisbane and drive 1 hour down to visit Gold Coast. Now from the airport to the main beach only takes less than 30 minutes. Something to take note is Australia is quite strict on bringing food in and they use dogs to detect any food which tourists bring in. We still brought some instant noodles which went undetected so I guess its ok to bring in.
Coming down from the plane at Gold Coast airport
We proceeded to collect the rental car from Apex car rental where they provide free shuttle service at the airport itself. It was only a 5 minutes ride to their office. After collecting the car, we went to have breakfast at this beautiful surf club called Currumbin Beach Vikings Surf Life Saving Club. This place was just next to the beach so the atmosphere was very nice.

The cafe overlooking the beach
The food was excellent there. The breakfast set was quite big and we only ordered 2 sets for 4 people. Anyway, most of the food portion in Australia is quite big even though its expensive.

After breakfast, we proceeded to Currumbin wildlife sanctuary. Here, you can see Kangaroos, Koalas and many other animals. There's an area where you can interact with the Kangaroos and take photo with the Koalas too.

Sheep shearing show

Koalas all sleeping

The place is quite big and it took us about 2 hours inside. For the tickets, the usual price is $49.95 but we got it at Groupon Australia for $21 each. Quite a good deal from Groupon. If you're considering visiting Australia, definitely can check out Groupon Australia for some good deals.

For lunch, I discovered this place called thrower's fish and chips. There wasn't anyone when we went there but I can say the fish and chips were good and really big portion. We ordered the family pack which consist of 4 pieces of fish, 4 scallops, 6 prawn pieces and $4 worth of chips (fries). When they say $4 worth of chips, its like one big box of it. We couldn't finish it at all. Looks like Australians really like to eat fries and lots of it.

Now, time to check into the apartment. For the 3 days stay in Gold Coast, we booked an apartment with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a kitchen with living room at Narrowneck Court Holiday apartments. It cost about $150 per night. The location is about 5 minutes drive and 15 minutes walk to Surfers paradise so its quite convenient.

The best thing about this apartment is all the rooms face the sea even the living room and kitchen. Its just 5 minutes walk down to the beach.

Before we checked into the apartment, we also went to buy groceries to cook dinner at night in the apartment. In Australia, there are a few main supermarket mainly Aldi, Coles, Woolsworth and IGA. Aldi stuffs are really cheap but there's not a lot of choice to choose from. Coles and Woolsworth are the next best choices.

That's the end of day 1. Next up is day 2 for whale watching and sea world.

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  1. Could try river fishing/crabbing.

    Not sure if Currumbin has improved. Felt increasingly rundown when I last visited a few year's back, compared to years back.

    Likewise with DreamWorld.

    1. Hi Lizardo,

      Ohh river fishing/crabing. Sounds fun. I heard of it but didn't get to try. Currumbin is still quite old but I think there are some new things as compared to years back. Dream world i didn't go too. Movie world and sea world looks quite old to me though.

  2. Thanks for sharing, hopefully I can plan a trip next year...looking forward for the rest of your story :)

    1. Hi Desmond,

      Great you're planning a trip there. Hope my post helps. The next post will be coming up. :)

  3. how did u get to book narrowneck neck courts at such a cheap price? thru agoda?

    1. Hi Kris,

      I used to compare the prices and booked through the lowest website i see. Think it was which i eventually booked at.