Tuesday, September 11, 2018

A Good Break Before My New Work Starts And A Random AMA session

Time flies... just like that, its my last day of work in my second job of my career. I stayed in my first company for 6 years and move on to my current role for close to 2 years before moving to another new role again. This is a job I am quite looking forward to as it will be meaningful from what I heard during my interview.

However, I also expect it to be stressful as this is a newly set up department and I'm the first one to be hired for this new role. I will have to squeeze my brain to come up with new ideas for improvements as well as handle mega projects in a booming healthcare industry. This is a totally new industry to me also.

Nevertheless, I took the courage to take up the offer to challenge myself as well as build up my personal portfolio for better career advancement. A nice salary jump was also part of the reason why I took up the offer. I hope this will be a good place to work in when I officially start my new job next week.

I took the opportunity to take a good 1 week break before I start my new job. I went on a 3 day 2 night cruise just last weekend on Dream cruise and it was really great. Together with my family, we stayed in the Palace Deluxe Suite to fully experience what the cruise has to offer. We were treated like VIPs throughout the weekend.

I will be writing a more detailed post on this cruise expeirence. Here's a little teaser on the room we stayed in and the private swimming pool area:

Living room of the Palace Deluxe Suite with Balcony

Bedroom with window overlooking the sea

Private swimming pool for Suites guests only

Do check out my next post for a more detailed write up on this travelogue. 

I'll also be doing a live ask me anything (AMA) session on Tue, 11 September 2018 from 7pm to 9pm on the Seedly page. I am not paid anything for this so its out of my own accord that I'll be answering questions from anyone out there in the community. Feel free to join in and ask questions here. There are already more than 15 questions being asked. You can join in to answer some of the questions too to help one another out in better financial planning. 

See you at the AMA page soon!


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Lizardo,

      Normal price is about $1K per person for 3 day 2 nights cruise.

    2. Cool. That's not too expensive for a luxe experience. *heh*

  2. Hi SGYI,

    Nice to know that we're actually staying in the same deck. Now I'm wondering if I will see myself in any photo you've took from the trip in your upcoming post.. Hmm

    P.S I just came back from Dream Cruise 3D2N Palace too :)

    1. Hi sleepydevil,

      Haha that's such a coincidence we were on the same cruise. Hope you had a great time on the cruise too!

  3. Hi, congrats on your job hop. How much % increment?