Saturday, August 17, 2013

An interview with a Singaporean couple - How they manage finances with a family of 5 children

Many couples cite the rising cost of raising a child as a deterrent from having more children. A family with 5 children tells us how they manage their finances.

One thing i'm impressed with is that the husband is the sole breadwinner in the family. He earns 8-9k a month and still manage to save 20% of his income. Watch the interview below to know more:


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  1. Hi CreateWealth8888,

    I respect them too!

  2. Hi SG Young Investment,

    His take-home is 8-9K so his earnings is probably 1K more than his take-home.

    Kudos to the couple!


  3. Hi Anonymous,

    You're right! I think if his income is 10k, its quite comfortable for a family.

  4. Hi do u still have the link for the video? Keen to watch to find out more. Thks

    1. Hi,

      Sorry but the video has been taken down from the original website. I don't have the link anymore.