Monday, August 12, 2013

Recession Heroes Ep 1 - Why people lose their money during crisis?

Just watched the first episode of recession heros on channel 5. This first true story is quite inspiration and I would like to summarise the story here.

The guy in the story lost all his money during the september 11 stock market crash.
Here's a summary of his story:

Father was a businessman in Malaysia.  Business was doing well until his father got cheated by a business partner and lost everything. His family was in debt for a few million dollars. They later moved to Singapore. To supplement his family income, he came out to work at a young age of 14. Work as a cleaner in the morning, gas station pump attendant in the afternoon from 1pm-10pm then wash taxi at night all the way to 1am. He worked this for 1 and a half years.

After that, he went to serve National Service in the singapore police force. Read many books on computers and developed an interest in it. Went on to secure a job as a computer trainer and quickly climbed up the corporate ladder to earn $12000 at the age of 25.

He got really arrogant and his ego became very big. He said his ego was more than 10 times his head. He would scold and despise his staff and colleagues. Started investing in stocks and turn a $50k portfolio to $500k. He became even more proud and think that he was a genius.

During the september 11 terrorist attack on the twin towers, the stock market tumbled and he realised his stocks portfolio was only left with $7000. He had invested all his money into stocks.
After that incident, he wanted to build up a business and started a company with another guy. The partnership turned sour and he was caught up in a 3 year long law suit. He lost everything at that point.
After all these failures, he finally understood what it means to be humble. 

He went on to pursue his dream again to own a business and start up a company with his wife called commsgate which provides IT infrastructure for SMEs. His business flourished until now.

2 things he learnt from the crisis:

1) Do not dabble in stocks with money you cannot afford to lose. Must know the rule of the game.

2) Wealth is a habit. Must build the habit to save and invest regularly for a leriod of time.

I do feel that the stock market is a place that will reward the humble and punish the rich. If a person is proud and looks down on others, it is easy for him to lose everything and be destroyed by his own ego. Invest with a humble attitude and learn the rule of the game to succeed. Risk management is important in investing.
Hope you're inspired by this story. 

This is a true story as shown on mediacorp channel 5. Watch the next episode every monday at 9pm.

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  1. Investing is all about learning. It is a journey that reward those who put in hard work. Those who take short cut will invariably be punished.

  2. Hi Greatsage,

    That I absolutely agree! There's always a phrase: "there is no short cut to success".