Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lower secondary students to learn about financial literacy from next year

Financial education is coming to schools in Singapore!!

From year 2014 onwards, secondary 1 and 2 students will be taught money management skills to help them form the right attitudes towards spending and saving early in life, said Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam. -As reported on The Straits Times

This is an encouraging move by our government. MOE has made a bold step to introduce financial literacy classes for our students. I've always thought how good it would be if our education system will have financial education courses. Now it's becoming a reality. Many financially savvy people, including financial bloggers, have over the years step up to write on topics such as financial management and investing etc. There are articles proposing that financial education should be introduced to schools and taught to students at a young age. Introducing this to Secondary 1 and 2 students would be a good age to start.

I'm happy that financial education is finally introduced to our mainstream education system :)

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  1. It is long overdue!
    SG Wealth Builder is part of this evolution!!

    SG Wealth Builder

    1. Hi Gerald,

      At least late is better than never. Thanks for your contributions to the financial well being of this world all this while. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Pok Chow,

      Yes it is. I'm curious to know how the curriculum will be like.

  3. It is probably a good first step but I am curious on what the "curriculum" will contain. I also wonder how effective it would be to actually "teach" financial literacy - methinks inculcation from young is probably a better thing but in the absence of that I guess this would be the next best thing.

  4. Hi Musicwhiz,

    I'm curious to know too. Definitely agree inculcation from young is a better thing. Savings is a habit after all. Its hard to "teach" a habit.

    I think having this in the curriculum will expose students to financial management at a young age. At least they know it in their heads. Whether they practice it or not will depend entirely on themselves.