Thursday, October 17, 2013

What are Singaporeans queuing up for?

Is our country overly populated that everyone is queuing up one way or another? Or is it Singaporeans just love to join in the queue?

Queue for Toto or 4D?

Queue to get tickets for Universal Studios Singapore?

Queue for Taxi?

And even queuing up for MRT

How about queuing for singing bone hello kitty at MacDonald?

Queue for Hawker food?

Queue for Gong Cha bubble tea?

and queue for Lao Ban soya bean curd

How about if you want to invest in stocks do you need to queue? NO. Just have to click buy on your computer screen. 

But people rather queue at banks to invest.

Are you part of the queuing population? Queuing up is part of our lifestyle indeed.

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  1. One day, people queue to meet you. LOL!

    1. Hi Uncle CW,

      Haha, I'm not so popular lar. Maybe if I become a celebrity. :p

  2. Hahhaha. i like this post.

    i hate excessive queuing as i think previous time is lost. Thats why i embrace I-banking, online brokage platforms and online shopping.

    I think these are great innovations that save our time. Time is previous, don't too much on queuing.

    1. Hi Solace,

      If got time then I don't mind queuing to join in the fun once in awhile. LOL

      You reminded me of queuing up to pay for shopping items. I missed that out. Haha

  3. Queueing in Singapore has become a trendy spotting that you need to do it too otherwise, its uncool to miss out.

    It almost seem to me that more companies (retail) may be using the queueing gimmicks to give that impression to retailers to come and join in the queue. Exciting times :)

    1. Hi B,

      Yes, queuing gimmicks to attract people to come in and join the queue. Even MRT is doing that. Maybe to increase ridership and encourage more people to take public transport? Haha

  4. You buy stock from brokers also need to queue you know.

    SG Wealth Builder

  5. I think that probably singaporeans are civilized society. Thats why, they embrace queuing as a civilized things to do as well..

    1. Hi Ryan,

      Yes, i fully agree with that. It makes everything more orderly.