Thursday, November 12, 2015

Do You Like Your Life? - Appreciate What You Have

Just a few days ago, I saw a comic series on 9gag which to me was surprisingly quite meaningful. 9gag is known for its just for laughs material and some don't really make sense. But this particular comic they shared is certainly not just for laughs. It's titled: "Appreciate what you have".

In life, a lot of people are unhappy. We're unhappy we have to work, we're unhappy we have not enough money, we're unhappy that we can't be better than others. Let me bring you back to the days when you were still a student and let's see what made people unhappy and unappreciative of what they have.

When you're just a student, you probably don't have much material possessions and at that time you hope you'll be able to grow up faster and start earning your own money so you can buy the stuff you like. You may envy others who come from richer families and when your friend shows you the things their parents bought for them, you also wanted it and go back home to try and ask your parents to buy for you.

After you graduate from school and start working, you were initially excited about working and earning your first pay check. However, as time goes by, you start to dread work and the money doesn't really motivate you anymore. You wake up unhappy going to work every single day not knowing that there are other people out there who want to work but don't have a job.

You go to work taking the public transport and one day you missed the bus and will be late for work soon. You get frustrated and thought how good if you had a small car which you can drive around.

Soon, you earn enough money to afford a small second hand car but the air con breaks down a lot of times and its not as comfortable as it seems. You look at the car beside you and thought how good if you can afford a new car.

After a few years, you bought your own new car and am happy with it. However, one day, you see another bigger car beside you and thought how good if you can own a bigger car which is more comfortable. Your car seems to be a little small and squeezy.

Indeed after another few years you manage to buy a bigger car. You feel comfortable and happy. However, one day, you see a very nice car just beside you. You thought cars are not just meant to be comfortable. Its meant to be nice too so it shows your status. Your car seems to be a little dull and boring.

And really, after a few years, you bought that nice, beautiful, comfortable car of your dreams. Then, when you think you won't want more than that again, you got stuck in the same traffic jam and thought how good it is if you can own a helicopter.

Helicopter? How is it possible that someone will be not satisfied to the extent he wants a helicopter for transport. Well, it has happened all over the world before. There are people who own their own helicopters and private jets to travel.

And now, here's the comic from 9GAG. Do you appreciate what you have in life? Being grateful can certainly make our lives happier. Remember while we are enjoying the small pleasures of life, there are other people who are less fortunate than us.

Photo Credit: 9GAG

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  1. Life is short, no time to regret , just accept your fate and work as hard as you can, and enjoy as hard as you can. Don't compare, because no 2 guy are travelling on the same journey.