Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A success story - Olivia Lum, the person who created water for Singapore

In this next success story, i'm bringing to you Olivia Lum, founder and Group CEO of Hyflux group. I'm sure you have heard of this company before but you may not know the success story behind it. In a rare video i'm about to show you, it depicts Olivia's journey towards success and how she manage to achieve all that she has now.

According to Forbes, Olivia is Singapore's 27th richest person with an estimated net worth of $460 Million. She was originally from Malaysia, living in a small town of Kampur in Perak, Malaysia. In her younger days, she would hear people quarrelling because of money, especially husbands and wives. The village was poor and Olivia was living in a leaky shack without running water with her grandmother. She thought to herself that she cannot live in such a poverty stricken place and she must get out of the poverty cycle one day...... She came to Singapore in search for better education at the tender age of 16. This was the life changing event for her.

An interesting fact is Hyflux's first project in Singapore was to cater clean drinking water for birds. Yes, you did not read wrongly, it was for birds. The project was to recycle waste water into pure drinking water for birds at Jurong Bird Park. The company has thus come far to create Singapore's first own drinking water called NEWater.

They have recently opened their new innovation centre which i've been there before. The new centre is really nice with modern architecture. It's a symbol of their success till date. They have innovated to create water from air. This new product is called Hyflux dragon fly which produces clean water from air. There is no requirement to fix the machine to a water pipe like our regular water cooler. This produces drinking water for anyone anywhere even without a water source. 

The video starts with Olivia showing us her childhood living environment to her former schools and interviews with ex teachers, principals and so on. 

Watch the video below for her whole story and exclusive interview with Olivia herself:

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