Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Towards the end of December and year 2013

In a few weeks time, we'll be saying bye to 2013 and welcome the year 2014. Yet another year has passed and it feels like time passes faster every year. I've been busy with work and exams lately thus the decrease in blog posts for the past 1 week. Now that exams are over, i'll have time to blog again.

As i start my journey as a blogger this year, i realise every single thing that i encountered in life gives me inspiration for a blog post. Many things can be linked to finance and i think you would agree almost everything in our lives revolves around the world of finance. Your topic with friends and colleagues will lead to money one way or another. Buying a new house? It involves budgeting, getting a loan etc. Getting married? It involves money also. How about our daily lives? Bills to pay, expenses to budget for..... and the list goes on.

I realised also that some of my colleagues in their 40s are worrying about not having enough to retire. This is a real issue you'll face some day in your life. No wonder Singaporeans are feeling life is getting more and more stressful. This is why we should plan as early as possible. No matter what age you are now, start planning for retirement. In schools, we plan and study for exams. In work, we plan for projects deadlines and make sure we're on target. But sadly when it comes to life, many people do not plan. They just drift through life in their younger days and only come to senses when they are older.

One reason why i believe most people do not plan for their lives or retirement is because there is no guidance on how to plan it. In schools, we have study guides and exam tips. In work, there is a mentor or a system on how you should plan and manage the project. But in life, we're not taught how to do it. In the end, we end up listening to a financial advisor and sometimes end up getting the wrong advise. This has happened to many people before.

I'll keep this post short and will post more posts in the coming weeks leading to the end of 2013. It is timely to look back at this year and be grateful for your achievements. At the same time, if there are mistakes made, we can learn from it. It is also a time to think through and see what we want to achieve in the year 2014.

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