Why work with SG Young Investment?

This blog was started in June 2013 with a passion to reach out to fellow people who are interested in achieving financial freedom. It has since garnered over 3 Million page views and has been shared actively on social media sites such as Facebook and twitter and has also been discussed actively on popular forums such as

Traffic and Social media numbers

The average monthly page views is about 80,000-100,000 and unique page views is about 50,000. SG Young Investment has 5000+ Facebook followers and 1000+ email Subscribers list.

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Sponsors who have worked with SG Young Investment:

  1. iSoultions Trade - Banner Advert for
  2. Confused Now - A one stop insurance portal
  3. Aureus Consulting - Aureus Education Fair 2014 featuring top renowned universities such as Yale, London School of Economics, Nanyang Technological University etc.  
  4. NTU Interactive Investment Club - Financial Expedition (FINEX) 2015
  5. S.M.A.R.T Investor Workshop 2015 - Featuring The Fifth Person and Adam Khoo
  6. NTU Interactive Investment Club - National Cashflow Competition 2015
  7. NTU Interactive Investment Club - Singapore Financial Conference 2015
  8. DIYInsurance - Singapore's first Life Insurance comparison web portal
  9. Call Levels - Your Free market alert app
  10. Newcastle Permanent - Home loan packages in Australia.
  11. BigFatPurse - Value Investing Mastery Course
  12. Moolahsense
  13. CPF Board
  14. Property Guru
  15. National Trade Union Congress (NTUC)
  16. SingSaver
  17. Japan Rail Cafe (Food tasting sponsorship)
  18. DBS

Advertising options:

  • Banner Ads -  Banner spaces are available on my site. I offer several formats to place on my side bars or within blog post itself. It can be in 240x250 or 300x250 size. Contact me and we can discuss more!
  • Advertorial Post - You can submit an advertorial post written by yourself. Within the post, you can have links to your targeted sites. Topic can be anything related to finance, investments, economics or financial tips including how to plan for budget travel, ways to save money or good deals in general. The post will have to be reviewed and approved by me before it is being posted. Alternatively, I can write a sponsored post for your event or any new service you want to offer. 
  • Reviews/Sponsorships - Got a product or service you want me to review? I would love to test your product and/or service and do a blog post on it. Any good offers and deals are welcomed. Tell me about it and we can discuss further. I love good products at great bargains. 
  • Travel Sponsorships - If you're a hotel, airline, travel agency etc, I would love to review your business with a blog post and on my YouTube Channel as well. 

Any other ideas? Let me know and there's always the flexibility for discussion.

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  1. Hi SG YI,

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    I've been following your blog and an avid reader. I will like to thank you sincerely for providing such wonderful and insightful blog postings. They have provided me with valuable knowledge and made my learning journey much easier one. I been self learning about investment on my own and to have bloggers like you really make my understanding about investments deeper. I appreciate for what you have done. Please do continue posting and keep up the good work.

    And, I just started up a blog.
    Please do visit when you are free.


    Little Boy

    1. Hi Little Boy,

      Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad that my posts have benefited you. I will definitely continue to share what I know to my best knowledge.

      Great start to your blog. Wish you all the best in your investment journey. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you too :)

  2. hi i'm currently still a student any tips for example books or any other materials that can help me now?

    1. Hi,

      I did write some articles on the right side bar of my blog to get people started in investing. You can read it in your free time. Any questions you might have feel free to email me.


  3. Hello Sgyi I have been an avid reader of your blog for quite some time now. Although im still in school it has open my eyes to various concepts that are truely foreign to me. Soon I'll have to face university and society, im hoping that you could write an article on how to plan for a "perfect" life I.e managing insurance home loan, investing etc . And im inclined towards property investing but have no idea how to begin any good materials?

    PS just another jc kid staring at the White board , day dreaming about all things beyond

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for following my blog. It may seem scary to step into another stage of your life in university and even when you face society later when you work. But trust me, things will work out and we need to explore the possibilities as we journey through life.

      Planning is important but sometimes, things may not go as planned. That's when we have to be flexible and adapt accordingly, changing our plans when needed. I'll try to write more articles that cater to young people. I do know there are lots of students and young working adults who are following my blog. Thanks for writing in. I wish you all the best in life. Keep in touch :)

  4. Hi SG young investment,

    just drop you an email, have a check when you free.
    Good stuff you write and share.

    1. Hi Tim,

      Thanks for your email. Have replied to you.

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    1. Hi Pei Shi,

      Congrats on finishing your O level exams. Its one big milestone that you've cleared! Working part time is indeed a good way to spend the time you have now till your next phase of tertiary education. I too worked part time for a few months after my O's and I learned quite a lot of things apart from the money earned.

      At 16, you're really young. Haha. Its an age where I was still having lots of fun and didn't even think about my future. I guess at this age, you should consider carefully what job you want to do in the future which means if you're going to Poly, you should consider carefully the course that you pick. If you're going JC, then you still have time to decide on what course you want for your university. A course that you like will make studying more enjoyable.

      Also, start a habit of saving up. I'm sure your parents have already helped you saved up some money in a bank account or you've also saved up some allowance and ang bao money in the bank. When you start working part time, you can save up even more. But of course, you should still spend and reward yourself once in awhile. I have got so many other things to say. Haha. Feel free to email me and we can discuss more. I'm curious to know how my blog has inspired you. :)

      I'm really glad to know it has inspired another young person like you :)