Dividend Investing REITs Masterclass

Thinking of learning about investing but don't know where to start? Good news, I've collaborated with Chlorophyll Inc to bring you a comprehensive online course on dividend investing in REITs.

I've personally went through the course myself and thought that it is well crafted for retail investors to learn about dividend investing in REITs. They also provide simple to understand resources and checklist on investing in REITs. Having invested in REITs for a number of years now myself, knowing how to select and value REITs at the right price will ensure success in our investment portfolio.

In this course, you will:

✔ Kick-start Your Dividend Investing By Learning All The Important Aspects Of REITs

✔ Understand Costly Investment Mistakes And Learn How To Avoid Making Them

✔ Find The Best way To Invest Money By Identifying And Cherry Picking The Best REITs

✔ Become An Expert At Pricing Most REITs; Quickly And Efficiently

✔ Learn How To Predict Risks And Manage Your Own REIT Portfolio Confidently

✔ Discover Other REIT Investment Opportunities

There are in total 33 lectures and its 100% risk free with 30 day money back guarantee. Right now, the course is priced at an affordable price only for a limited time. You can preview some of the free videos here and sign up if you're interested to learn more.

More than 1600 people have enrolled for this course with an overall 4.7/5 rating on Udemy platform. Here are some of the reviews of the course which you can see on the course page as well:
The content is heavy. The lecture is engaging that is for sure! The A.L.M model from lecture 3 onward, very practical and useful for seasoned investors like myself to master reits investments. Valuation method used to price reits as well, simple yet effective. Good course! 
- Mr Ethen James

The first session on course is about basic of Reits, second section is about helping us students filter and find good Reits, 3rd section is about how to price them and 4th section is about managing the risks i think. So far ive finished the 3rd section. Very well organised, comprehensive too. I finished the course. Used your framework and managed to get 3 good reits. So far, the reits are giving me good returns. This course works! 
- Mr David Kwan

I'm a total newbie with REITs and investments. The Instructor has a very good understanding of REITs. Contents were well thought out and delivered in an interesting way without any fluff. 
- Ms Xin Yi 
As this is a collaboration, I will get some commission/fees if you sign up through my blog. Remember, the link is here. Feel free to take a look at the topics, watch the free videos and consider signing up if you're ready to learn more.

Cheers to your investing journey!

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