Travelling is an adventure to me. I love discovering the different cultures and places in the world. It is both relaxing and enriching at the same time. Most people would say travelling is expensive and you can save a lot of money if you do not travel. However, if planned properly, travelling can be cheap but enjoyable at the same time.

I have decided to put my travelogues together with my financial blog. I believe we can still enjoy travelling while planning for financial freedom. It's all about budgeting.

On this page, i'll list the countries i've travelled before and how i plan for my trips. You'll be surprised just how affordable it is to travel in our current times. Everything is getting more expensive in Singapore but travelling is getting cheaper.

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1) My 8 Days Taiwan Trip at $705/person

2) 8 days North Vietnam trip at $600/person 

4) 5 Days Trip In Jakarta Indonesia

5) 5 days Hong Kong and Macau Trip

5 Days Trip In Hong Kong and Macau - Day 1
5 Days Trip In Hong Kong and Macau - Day 2

6) 8 days in Australia [Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Noosa]

7) 3 day 2 night on Genting Dream Cruise - The Palace Suite Experience

8) 6D5N cruise on Royal Caribbean Quantum of the seas


  1. Hi if you can conquer Taipei, you can conquer Japan. Initially I also thought that Japan was expensive but after going last year, my whole trip of 11D/10N including Tokyo & Hokkaido only cost me less than $3k including shopping and excess baggage charge by the airlines. Check out my post here

    1. Hi Cindy,

      I've checked out your blog post. Looks quite affordable since you only spend around $1500 in Japan for food, transport, accomodation. Thanks for the post!

    2. Indeed, if you research enough you can find cheaper option in Japan.
      I spend about $1300 for flight and accommodation and another $2000 splurge on clothes and food during my 10 days trip to Tokyo.

    3. Hi,

      Wow, you splurge quite a lot. I'm intending to spend only $1000+ for a week's trip to Japan. I hope it can be done.

  2. hi, chanced upon ur blog on budget travel.

    it is nice to see fellow singaporeans doing budget travel.

    anyway, it is possible to do Japan (Osaka Hiroshima Nara Kyoto Tokyo & other nearby areas) for slightly less than $2000 for 14 days.
    Include $330 for JR 7 day pass, air tickets, hostel, food, entrance fees etc.

    1. Hi,

      14 days for $2000 in Japan is indeed a good deal. I really want to go but contemplating if should do it alone as an adventure or go with friends. Haha. Need to do more research too.