Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Betting on a recovery?

Will the economy recover? This is something that analyst and retail investors alike have been specualting. There has been much discussions on the ending of QE in the US and this means that the low interest rate environment will end soon. It also means that the US federal reserve is predicting that the global economy will recover and QE is no longer needed. To know more about QE, read my previous post: Quantitative Easing - how it affects the economy and the stock market?

Whether the stock market continues to rise or fall will depend on the economy. If the economy recovers, companies will have higher profits and higher profits most of the time lead to higher stock prices. Investors who bought in early expecting a recovery are still waiting for that day to come. The Stock market has been rather flat this year after the correction in June which wiped out most of the gains in the first few months of 2013. REITS which had generated rather high yields for investors over the past 2 years had either declined or remained stagnant at the top with limited upside. Some investors have sold off reits to profit on the returns. Read: why reits are on a downward fall again?

I'm also betting on an economic recovery. I'm slowly buying into cyclical stocks like shipping and looking at construction companies. Food industries are on my list of investments too which I favour more on companies owning restaurants. What if I'm wrong and the economy doesn't recover? I think it will be even better if stocks fall lower so I can buy them at an even lower value. I do not have all my money in the stock market now. Still have another tranche ready to deploy if circumstances changes.

This post is written while I'm travelling back home on the mrt. Its good that we've living in an age where we can access to the internet everywhere. Information is always on our finger tips. This is made possible by mobile network technologies like the 3G and 4G LTE.This was not possible many years ago. Till then, invest safely and profitably. :)

P.S: My blog has achieved slightly more than 10000 page views since i started actively blogging 1.5 months ago in June. Thank you to all my readers for your support and comments. It has been a great journey thus far. Do let me know if there's anything I can improve on my blog.

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  1. Other than the US, do you think we should be equally concern with China's economic health?

    1. Hi Money Honey,

      Yes, we should be concern about China's economic health. Not forgetting Europe's situation also.

      However, actually China's economy is small as compared to US and The European Union. US and Europe region import a lot of goods and if their economy is slow, exports all over the world will be slow also. Thus, if the US economy does recover, it plays a big part in the global recovery. US growth is driven on domestic consumption while China's growth is driven on exports. China has been trying hard to shift their economy towards being driven by domestic consumption lately also.