Thursday, April 12, 2018

Everyone hates the corporate world but what can we do about it?

Everyone seems to hate the corporate world but we have no choice but to work for a living. Let's face it, even if you like doing the job, you won't like handling the bosses or the office politics that comes your way.

Your choices affect your outcome in life

A fellow blogger and friend who blogs at Investment Moats wrote a post which recounts his conversation with a fellow colleague who decided to call it quits in the corporate world. He resigned from the job at the age of 45 without another job. This was possible because he choose this path right at the start. He planned out his path to exit the corporate world many years ago when he was much younger.

Most people do not act like the colleague above. In fact, most will never even think that they could exit the corporate world so the only choice is to climb the corporate ladder or choose a role which is less tough to deal with. In my previous company, there were many people in their 40s who didn't want to be promoted because they know that they would face more shit if they go higher up the corporate ladder. Well, its a personal choice and there is no right or wrong in our choices in life.

Also in my previous company, I saw some colleagues who were able to call it quits and enjoy the freedom which they set out for in their early years. Yes, all these people have one thing is common. They made this choice early in their lives.

In my current company, most are young people around my age and a lot are busy climbing the corporate ladder at this age. I too am climbing the corporate ladder but I know my end destination should not be getting stuck in this rat race. I do like my analysis job but there are many re-organisation happening which affected morale a lot and having to deal with this is not something pleasant. There are also many additional "jobs" which are not in my control. People not cooperating is another issue to deal with coupled with demanding and unreasonable bosses.

Why its hard to enjoy your work even if you like it?

Its a irony that I deal with data analysis on my blog too which I often break down numbers and create charts to analyse as well. This is similar to what I do at work. However, it is very hard for me to enjoy the same analysis work in office because of the deadlines, bosses comments, approvals and the many meetings (which may be pointless).

Imagine if I have to meet a deadline for a blog post or having to seek approval just to post an article on my blog. Add in many pointless meetings and presentations just to post that one article. That will be disastrous. Ideas flow because of the freedom to think and not fearing of what will happen if we do the wrong things.

What can we do about it?

Getting out of the corporate world does not mean retiring totally. There have been much discussions on the idea of retiring partially which can be achieved at a much younger age. Instead of doing work we do not like and staying in the corporate world, we can generate enough passive income to cover our fixed expenses and do some freelance work to supplement our variable income lifestyle.

Imagine if you have $300,000 savings and invest it to get 5% passive income, you would be able to get $15,000 annually which is $1250 per month. This can cover some fixed expenses or probably most fixed expenses if you have no outstanding debts. Thereafter, some freelance or part time work can be done to get additional few thousand dollars monthly to supplement our income. This is just an example and it really depends on individual lifestyle on how much they need monthly to survive.

The most important thing is what we set out to choose early in our lives. Do you choose to stay in the corporate world till you're old or you choose to have the freedom in your life? This is an important question and whatever choices we make will ultimately lead us to that end destination which we choose. Remember, there is no right or wrong choices. There are people who like the corporate world but I just don't think that's me. How about you?

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  1. When you're still young, make use of corporate world to maximise your earned income as much as possible.

    Save & invest prudently over 10, 15 yrs.

    Coz when you're older (or not that old ... 35 is now the new 45), the corporate world will find any excuse to make your life harder than it is now. 😣

    1. Oh no, that means only 5 years more for me to the not that old age. Its already kinda hard now :(

  2. I'd say it's hard at any age. Maybe the first several years you have hopes and goals, but they turn dull. IMHO, there's no way to go in the modern world without an additional freelancer/tutor/etc. part-time or investing (as a more advanced option).

  3. Hi, fyi u got a typo at "$1250 a year", should be "$1250 a month".

    1. Hi,

      Yes it is $1250 a month. Thanks for pointing that out. I've edited the post.

  4. Work and living will get tougher.

  5. Hi SGYI,

    Very wise words! Not everyone can see that even if they might like their job, there will definitely be factors that cause them to pull their hairs!

    Having the option to say whether you want to continue in that job makes it that much enjoyable knowing you do't depend on it.

    I for one, enjoy my job but the people I work with sometimes just makes me go ballistic..

    Good luck on your journey!

    1. Hi,

      Ya man its the people that makes things worse. But well, even there are conflicts in our families. So as long as there are people there will be problems i think.