Sunday, April 1, 2018

Reflections on turning 30 years old

I have officially joined the 30 league today. To me, turning 30 years old is a milestone in life. The 3 in front of the age psychologically makes one look older too. I started this blog back when I was 25 years old and named it SG Young Investment. I grew with this blog and it has been 5 years now. Can't believe how time flies just like that.

This blog is a personal blog where I document my journey towards financial freedom. It is also a blog where I write on my thoughts on finance stuff. I have learnt a lot just by blogging for the past 5 years. Yes indeed as I write on various topics, I learnt the most myself too. Over the years, my motivation changes as I grew older and experiencing life's happiness and sorrows as well. This post will be some thoughts I have for turning 30 years old today.

1. Money is not everything in Life

A big realisation in my life is that money is not everything. Over the past 5 years, I made more money and my net worth grew because of the plans and goals I set for myself. I was able to generate multiple streams of income and spend more on the good things in life too.

However, after all these, honestly I don't feel much happier just because I had $100K more in my bank account. Don't get me wrong. It is still important to save up for our future especially if we want a good life for our love ones. But, honestly, money is not everything in life.

2. Life can hit you hard when you least expect it to happen

Life is not always smooth sailing. In fact, the past few days before my birthday, I felt an intense sadness reflecting on what had happened in the past and worrying about the future. I realised that I have totally no control over what would happen at all because of some unfortunate experiences in the past 1 year.

Personally, I have witnessed the sickness and death of 4 close relatives in just 1 year alone. One of which was a close cousin who was younger than me where he died in an accident. It hit me really hard that life does not give second chances. We can have all the plans we want but how it turns out later is unpredictable. I struggled a lot because I have been a person who believed in planning for the future a lot. It made me think what's the point of planning anymore.

Fortunately, my parents are still healthy but after seeing unfortunate things happen to people around me, I begin to worry for them also.

3. Keep walking is the only way in life, relationships and hope brings peace to our hearts

Yes there are worries and hurts in life that will bring us down. However, time does heal wounds as long as we continue walking. In fact, this is the only way in life. We either continue walking or we stop walking. But, I don't think to stop walking is a choice at all in life.

In times of trouble, we will know who are the people who really care for us. Relationships are tested and those that can withstand the test of times will become stronger. Even in the midst of all the worries, hope will bring peace to our hearts. I learnt not to give up hope no matter what happens. Whatever may happen in the future, I tell myself not to give up hope as well.

In the financial blogging world, we bloggers know each other in real life as well. It is these relationships that makes blogging much more alive and real. We are all still passionate about financial education which is a common goal we have. We also have families and some of them have spouse and children whom they work hard for.

I asked myself what is my motivation in life after 30. Deep down in my heart, my motivation comes from providing a good life for the people I love especially to my fiancee who will be my future wife. There is still a long road ahead to experience the good things life have to offer. My parents are getting older too and its time for them to enjoy life in their golden years.

Its a coincidence this year that my birthday falls on the same day as Easter Sunday. It reminds me to focus on what God has given me and to give thanks for the small things in life. Happy Easter everyone! :)

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  1. I agree with all #3 points as above! And also - Happy Birthday :)

  2. Happy belated birthday bro. Really sad to hear your cousin misfortune. Life is unpredictable. That why I believe we should cherish what we have today. Health, family, friends.In Singapore, we can consider lucky or unlucky. Lucky, we don't have wars. Unlucky, we are in invisible stress.hang in there.

    1. Hi Chong,

      Yes we should cherish what we have today. Thank you :)

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! Welcome to the thirties! It's great that you've realized money isn't everything by now, because this is a mistake most people do - concentrating only on finances until they pass their youth.

    1. Hi Daniela,

      Thank you for your well wishes! Yes its true, money isn't everything.