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Visualisation of HDB resale prices in Singapore

Have you wondered where is the best place to buy a HDB resale flat in Singapore considering your budget or the remaining lease left in different towns in Singapore? I've been exploring data analysis through visualisation and did up a dashboard of the various resale prices in different towns in Singapore. This is done using the data on

It is often hard to find all the information we need as its all over the place even when we have Google search. With visualisation, we can see the data at one glance. The visualisation software I am using for this post is called Microsoft Power BI which I've been learning and using for my work as well.

The average HDB resale prices below are based on the sale transactions from 2015 to 2018 February.

Average HDB resale prices by town

Let's first look at an overview of the average HDB resale prices by town. Using a treemap, we can straight away see that Bukit Timah town has the highest average HDB resale price and Yishun has the lowest:

It may be too small to view on my blog so you can click on the image to have a better view. I've set the diverging colour to be green for the lowest prices, amber for mid range prices and red for the highest prices.

Average HDB resale prices by town treemap

To illustrate the resale prices more clearly, you can refer to the bar chart below:

Average HDB resale prices by town bar chart
Do take note again that the prices above are based on the resale sale transaction prices from 2015 to 2018 February for all room types so if a town has more 2 room or 3 room flats as compared to 4 room or larger flats, then the average price will be lower.

Average HDB remaining lease by town

When buying a HDB, we may also consider how old is the estate as the remaining lease does have an impact on the prices of the HDB as well. From the bar chart below, we would be able to see that the newest towns with still quite a lot of lease remaining is Punggol and Sengkang while the oldest towns seems to be Marine Parade and Geylang. This is probably due to the fact that Marine Parade and Geylang doesn't really have much new flats being built there so the town's average remaining lease is much lower as compared to other towns.

However, Geylang town had some good new BTOs being launched there just a few months ago in Eunos and Ubi which could change this in the future.

Average HDB remaining lease by town

Average HDB resale price by remaining lease

To confirm if remaining lease has an impact on HDB resale prices, I also did a visualisation to sort the HDB resale prices by its remaining lease.

Yes, it does seem the general trend is that the lower the lease remaining, the resale price of HDB is lower as well.

Average HDB resale price by remaining lease

More exploring of HDB resale prices 

I decided to go on further to see the real price of HDBs by flat type in some towns. Let's start off with Punggol which is on the far north east of Singapore. Do you think the flats are still cheap there? Not really actually. Let's take a look:

The average price for a 4 room flat in Punggol is about $442K

In Bishan, executive flats are going for an average price of about $893K

From previous analysis, we see that Yishun has the lowest HDB resale price among all other towns. Let's take a deeper look at Yishun.

Yes it seems like Yishun is still affordable with 4 room resale prices at around $359K.

That's all for the visualisation of HDB resale prices in Singapore. I hope this post let's you have a glimpse of the HDB flat prices in Singapore. If you find that the housing prices are too expensive, you would be happy to know that there are several grants for HDB resale purchases. You can refer to my previous post here on the various grants for HDB resale purchases.

Do take note the proximity housing grant has been enhanced as announced in budget 2018. You can refer to the info-graphics from HDB below for the changes:

*All data used in this post are HDB resale prices from 2015 to 2018 adapted from

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