Sunday, August 11, 2013

Channel 5 new TV series - Recession Heroes

Saw this advertisement on a new TV series by channel 5 called recession heroes. I think it would be an interesting program to watch.

From Mediacorp website:
Recession Heroes is a 6-episode docu-drama series featuring real-life stories of six individuals who had been adversely affected by recessions such as the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, 2001 September 11 Attacks and the 2008 Lehman Brothers Crisis. These individuals had either been made redundant during the recession or had suffered huge losses to their businesses. However, through sheer perseverance, wit and determination, they have managed to overcome their trials to start life anew.

Recession Heroes is both inspirational and enlightening as it demonstrates how a never-say-die attitude and support from family and the community at large can help individuals overcome financial setbacks in their lives and learn valuable lessons from their mistakes.

The program starts tomorrow 12 August(Monday) 9pm on Channel 5.


  1. Thanks! Good sharing. Today I have watched the first episode.

  2. Hi AhJohn,

    The episode was good isn't it? ;)

    Really look forward to the next episode.

    Many things we can learn from people who walked through the tough times and the mistakes that they make.