Wednesday, November 6, 2013

National Geographic Channel feature - Locked up abroad

I've been watching this series called Locked up abroad by national geographic channel. These documentaries tells the real life story of many individuals who were locked up in jail abroad mostly due to drug smuggling. You'll be surprised at the extend of what people would do because of the greed for more money. It is only after suffering the consequences that they realise what they did was wrong.

It's an irony that humans only learn their lessons when they face the consequences. Isn't it the same as investing in the stock market? Many people lose money in the market before they realise that how they invest was wrong. Some of them swear to never get into the market again. Worse still, some do not learn their lessons and continue to make the same mistakes. Speculating in penny shares to get rich quick? You may end up in trouble very fast especially if you play with money you do not have.

Watch one of the series below. Many episodes of this series can be found on YouTube. Or if you do subscribe to National Geographic channel, you can watch it on your TV.

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  1. We must lose big enough to learn or stop. Right?

    1. Hi Uncle CW,

      Lose too big cannot even stand up anymore. Maybe die already. LOL