Friday, February 28, 2014

Top 10 concerns of young Singaporeans

1) Don't touch my Whatsapp

Facebook bought over WhatsApp? Don't really know what will happen. Maybe its a good thing. Want to charge me over the use of WhatsApp? Everyone stands up and object! In the end its a misunderstanding and may not happen at all. But you can see how powerful is social media. It spreads like wildfire in a few hours.

2) Wedding cost how much?

Many young Singaporeans know wedding costs a bomb. The wedding gowns, the wedding photos, the wedding rings and finally the most expensive wedding banquet. Then there's this article on a $120k wedding and also this news on a $900 wedding. Which would you choose? You'll think maybe I'll choose somewhere in the middle. Occasionally some blogger post on how much is an actual wedding and everyone flocks to see it. The post goes viral again.

3) Housing cost how much?

Buying a house is the next major decision after planning for a wedding. Many young Singaporeans complain how are they going to buy a HDB flat which is so expensive but in the end they still have to buy it when they meet the Mr or Mrs right. No matter how expensive also must buy is what you would say. Buy now and think later. Then there's a post on how much money you need to buy a HDB flat and many people are curious on it. Shocking to pay $1000+ every month for the next 25 years? Can you afford one? Maybe its time to start planning.

4) Travelling

Travelling is not so much of a concern but its something young people like a lot. Travelling out of this small country of Singapore is a must for most of us since in Singapore there's not much left to see or do when you've been living here for the past 20 years. Many of us share on our social media pages the top 10 exotic destinations, the top 20 undiscovered places you must go, the top 5 romantic places for couples etc etc. Then there's this Scoot promotion with super cheap tickets and many young people flock to buy it. Are you one of them?

5) Public transport breakdown

This is the one that affects us the most especially you take the train everyday and it breaks down 3 times in a week. Late for work nevermind coz bosses can understand. Late for exams that's it. There's nothing you can do.

Not to mention the slow moving and packed buses, the jam on PIE when you take a taxi and queuing for MRT trains. What we can do is to wait for the government to penalise and fine them more and hopefully things will change soon.

6) Slow mobile internet

These days hand phones are not used for calling only. They are used for facebooking, whatsapping, YouTube, surfing the net and many more functions. Can't send out your whatsapp message? Can't load a webpage? Streaming video very slow? Can't load news feeds on Facebook? It gets frustrating I know. But maybe we can or we should just slow down a bit,  put down our phones and talk to that friend beside you!

7) Is Singapore still Singapore?

Another most talked about topic. Your school, your workplace, the public transport, the road congestion, the high housing prices. Everything is changing. How we wish Singapore was like when we were younger right? What is the cause of all these? Overcrowding? Too many reasons indeed. But still, we know we are fortunate to live in a peaceful small island city of Singapore.

8) Once in a blue moon politics

Have you noticed during the 2011 election that most of your friends start to talk about politics? Why it seems that most people are supporting the opposition? 5 years ago your friends or you didn't even notice the elections but now you're talking about it. Its a sign that you're part of adulthood already where every vote counts. Vote wisely is what they would say.

9) Money Money Money

Where to earn more money? Should I start a business? How do I invest? Many young people think of all these but in the end most of them end up in their 9am-6pm job. We are so busy at working trying to excel and climb the corporate ladder that we forgot what we work for. Is it just for survival? Or is there a way to get out of this rat race? Many thought about it but many gave up along the way and live a mundane life. Most only live to regret when they are older.

10) Having fun

When we're young, its all about fun. Where to shop? Where is a nice place for dinner? Where to travel? What movie to watch? Then its back to work, work and work. Don't you find this life mundane and repetitive? Maybe its time to stop for awhile and think: "What am I living for?"

May you find your passion and pursue your dreams. Make a difference in someone's life today. It makes life more worth living for.

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  1. Nice post . Your point 10 actually summarise all...
    hmm perhaps 年少轻狂 , 青春不留白。

    1. HI Small Time investor,

      Point 10 is to balance up all the complaints. haha. I think sometimes we're bothered by what is happening outside but we don't realise what we can change is only ourselves.

      We're young now but we will grow old in the future. Time pass cannot be redeemed back.

  2. We started to talk more about politics not because of reaching adulthood i think... it's because last GE2011 is when we really have credible oppositions finally appearing to challenge the incumbent. The next GE will be exciting once again.