Friday, March 21, 2014

The pursuit of money or happyness?

The word happyness is purposely spelt wrongly if you realised it. If you've watched the movie or read the book before, you would know that "the pursuit of happyness" exist. This was a movie based on a true story that was shown quite a few years ago. Till now, it's still one of the most inspirational movie.

The pursuit of money or happyness? 

Many people say do not chase after money. Money is not everything but everything is money. If you have bills to pay and food to put on the table, you need money. Instead of complaining that you do not have enough or because you're married young that's why you don't have much money, why not do something about it? You can't change your circumstances but you can change yourself. 

Now, some people would start to say if i work so hard for money, then wouldn't i need to sacrifice family time? Wouldn't i need sacrifice my health? Rich people don't have time right? This is a very big misconception.

The movie "The pursuit of happyness" tells the story of a young homeless man roaming around the streets with his young son. They have no place to stay and often slept in one of the toilets in a subway station. This man worked very hard as a medical equipment salesman but most of the time he didn't manage to sell any. He was desperate to get food for himself and his son. 

In this desperate state, one day he was walking along the streets and he noticed everyone smiling. He thought to himself why are all these people so happy? Then, one rich man drove a Ferrari and parked his car beside him. He immediately asked the rich man 2 questions which changed his life. The 2 questions were: What do you do and how do you do it? 

Many people who are not rich yearn to be rich one day. That's why you see long queues outside Singapore pools when there is a TOTO lottery ticket grand prize. You see the casinos flooded with people. But the way to get rich is actually very simple. Just ask the rich how they got rich!!

Don't chase after money

You may be thinking here i'm talking about getting rich and now i'm telling you not to chase after money. Isn't getting rich all about chasing money? The answer is no. Money is not the main product. It is the by product. Chase after your passion and learn to create value. By doing this, the money which is the by product will naturally come. 

Most of the rich have found what they like to do. They have dreams and go for it. When people tell them they can't do it, they still believe that it can be done. When the rich do business, they don't focus on making money but focus on creating value for their customers. When the rich invest, they also don't focus on making money but they focus on the value of the business. Go for your dreams, find your passion and excel in it. This is the pursuit of happiness.

I'll make this post short and end of with an inspirational small part of the movie: "The pursuit of happyness".

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  1. Hi SGYI

    I love this movie so much.

    I was so emotional when he finally deserves the chance he did. He works everly so hard without getting reward in return but finally all smiles for him and his family :D

    1. Hi B,

      Me too. The movie was really touching and inspirational.

  2. hi my financial consultant did show me this movie before. it was very inspiring.he mentioned that the Black guy in suit towards the end of the movie is actually the real character of the story.
    on another note, may i know how much u saved before u buy your first few stocks? i plan to seriously start saving to buy my first share. sorry if the qn is insensitive.

    1. Hi,

      Yes, that's Will Smith acting the real character. The real character's name is Chris Gardner.

      I saved about 10k before i started to buy my first stock. At that time, i still didn't know exactly how to build a good stocks portfolio. Made some mistakes and learned along the way. I do hope to help more people and share what i know to others. You can email me if you'd like to know more.