Sunday, July 6, 2014

Is Singapore still the same SG as before?

I was feeling nostalgic listening to some old national day songs late into the night. This brings back memories of when i was still in school. Good old simple days in the 90s. Then i remembered its going to be Singapore's 49th birthday in about a month's time. As a Singapore based blog, i shall do my part in promoting the Singapore spirit. Haha

Here's the national day theme song in 1999:

Now 1999 where was I? Oh i remembered, i was in primary 5. Those days in school we had to sing along the national day songs on every national day celebration. There's also this thing called the Sing Singapore. I believe they still do that in school now. It has been 15 years since that time and the songs still bring back memories of times in school. There is also a strong national identity.

These days, I've been seeing a lot of unhappiness with the government and more and more protest at Hong Lim park. Maybe all these were there all along but just that i didn't notice until i grow up now? Or did it just happen recently? Have the Singapore spirit dwindled down over the years because we have developed so much? 

To me, no matter what, Singapore is still a home where my family and friends are. It is a place i'm born and grew up in. It is a place of good memories. Singapore has developed over the years and has changed a lot. It was not easy for us to be where we are and we should always remember how tough life was back then. Of course i didn't went through the tough period but at least heard from my parents and grandparents. 

The popular national day song: Home

A country is built on its people. It's all about relationships. I hope Singaporeans can stay as united as ever and this is our home. When we travel overseas, we will always have a sense of belonging to our home country and feel good when we come back. 

Remember the song Count on me Singapore? The lyrics are meaningful until now. 

"We have a vision for tomorrow, just believe, just believe
We have a goal for Singapore, we can achieve, we can achieve
You and me, we'll do our part, stand together, heart to heart
We're going to show the world what Singapore can be
We can achieve, we can achieve"
"There is something down the road that we can strive for
We are told no dream's too bold that we can't try for
There's a spirit in the air, it's a feeling we all share
We're going to build a better life, for you and me
We can achieve, we can achieve"

I was helping out at the Singapore youth Olympics games a few years ago while i was serving national service(NS). The Olympics games was a proud moment for Singapore to showcase itself to the world. I could feel the dedication of the organisers and the performers for the opening and closing ceremonies. It was a once in a lifetime experience. A lot of effort was put into the games itself. Let's be proud of our country and there will certainly be greater things ahead. We can all make a difference together.

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  1. I miss those good old days too. My favorite song is We are Singapore.
    Its a shame this year there will be no new national day song.
    Music always unite the spirit of a nation.

    SG Wealth Builder

    1. Hi Gerald,

      I remember that song. Used to sing that in school every year. No new national day song this year? That's a pity.

  2. Together , we make a difference .

    That is the theme for national day 1999.

    Was sec one and one of the many who participated then .