Sunday, August 31, 2014

Confused Now - A one stop insurance portal making you smarter than your agent

Are you confused about the many different insurance products out in the market? Fear not as Confused Now, a one stop portal which offers free access to unbiased reviews of the various insurance products will make you smarter than your agent.

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Here's what Ryan, the founder of the website Confused Now has to say:

I do have bad experiences with a few insurance agents.  They are selling you plans which have higher commissions rather than a plan which you actually need. They attempt to hide some agenda and it is difficult to understand the plans through the web. I believe in asking people who have purchased similar insurance plans which you are looking for. Through questions and answers, you hold a better understanding which policy is right for you. Take those opinions and clear your doubts when meeting your insurance agent.

Because Confused Now is a collaboratively edited, free-access, free content community to share your experience of policies you have purchased. It is an open discussion platform, designed to make collaboration easy. It is a one stop portal where you are able to see all insurance plans in Singapore. Free free to add in any missing insurance plans in Confused Now.

I believe in honesty and simplicity. Collaborate and share your experience of buying insurance policies in a simpler way for free. Our tagline is "Making you smarter than your insurance agent." Through Confused Now, you are able to be confident when meeting your insurance agent to discuss on purchasing a plan. You won’t be Confused anymore.

Why we are so special:

Collaboratively edited, free-access, free content community. Includes home, health, vehicle, home accident and even pet insurance. A community where you are able to find most of the insurance plans in Singapore, you can even add or edit any insurance plan. View all insurance plans in Singapore without the need to visit multiple sites.

We are unbiased. We allow anyone to add and edit content. Confused Now operates as an open platform, allowing anyone to share your experience of any insurance plans.

Voting system. Instead of Like and Dislike. We designed a system to make voting fun again. Kiss, Virtual Slap and Bait your insurance plan, agent or insurance plan providers.

Be a reporter. Share any news and tips on what to look out for in buying an insurance policy. Share any latest news of insurance in Singapore.

User comments, replies from everyone and take those opinions to clear your doubts when meeting your insurance agent. It is a more effective way of understanding insurance plans.

We care. We believe we can improve people's lives through business. Confused Now will sponsor 2 top advertising banners every month and focused on making sure that we operate in a way that's consistent with our brand values. We welcome all social enterprises to write to us if you would want your organization to be on the top advertising banner.

How it works?

I've looked through their website and found that it is nicely designed. It is relatively easy to navigate through the pages also.You can view a plan, submit a tip, vote, comment, edit a plan and even add new plans. It is like a community where everyone can share their views and learn from each other about insurance.

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Here's a few screenshot of their website portal:

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You can view the details of the plan and add or edit any information 
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You can submit a story of your experience with insurance or a tip for others to learn from you.

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You can even vote for the plans. Kiss, Virtual Slap and Bait your insurance plan, agent or insurance plan providers.

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Lastly, they are having a promotion as below: 

We’d love to get to know you as well as your best friend knows you! Leave a greeting on our Facbook page, share the page to your best friend or someone you love! You will have a chance to win a spot on our Top Ads with your photos or anything you want to post on it (must be legal ok) 1 winner per month till end of 31st of Dec 2014. We want you to feel like a celebrity for a month. 

Visit their free-access, free content community today. 

*This is a sponsored post from Confused Now

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