Friday, April 10, 2015

What are Singaporeans Looking At Outside of Equities?

What are Singaporeans Looking At Outside of Equities?

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After launching the public beta version with only FX and Metals in late November, we have grown 15% weekly, with several thousand users now using us regularly in Singapore. Thank you for your patience and feedback! We had users thanking us when the Swiss Franc spiked and they were informed via Call Levels faster than any other professional system or person, and we hope to remain as useful and relevant for young investors as they navigate through the world of trading.

We started with a Singaporean core group of users, but as the word spread we have been adding users especially from Europe and the USA, and they now count for 20% of our user base. We expect to grow more internationally now we have added US stocks and even more in the future, but now is a great opportunity to take a look at what our (mostly) Singaporean users have been looking at on Call Levels.

66% of Our Users Look at Forex

This is no surprise as we launched with 930 crosses real time on FX, and indices and commodities came a few months after.

Users have requested for equities, and we are happy to announce that we are offering 500+ US stocks at launch, and this allocation will change in time as we cover many more assets.

Singaporeans Look at a Diverse Array of Currencies

A quarter of our users monitor the SGD on a very regular basis, and against the USD and JPY. Call Levels launched at a time when volatility for commodities and the US dollar was extremely high, with the Euro and Singapore dollar making multi-year lows. Users who have used Call Levels to keep track of their investments in FX would have felt safer sleeping at night knowing that Call Levels was constantly monitoring the market.

Gold and Oil Dominate the Futures Market

With the USD soaring to highs and the Federal Reserve predicting a US rate hike soon, gold prices were in the news, and more than 60% of users’ attention was focused on gold. Oil prices also tumbled to new lows over the past few months, dominating more attention than both US stock indices combined.

Key Level to Watch: USD / SGD @ 1.4000

The recent spike of the US Dollar against the Singapore Dollar has left all Singaporeans concerned about the weakness of the currency. We see a lot of attention placed on 1.40 - 1.41 level in USD / SGD, and there may be a lot of volatility at that level if the US Dollar move continues.

To ensure that you will be notified immediately when USD / SGD reaches 1.4000, use Call Levels now. We’ll watch the market so you don’t have to.

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