Sunday, September 20, 2015

Dream - Having a Purpose For Your Life

Throughout my past 2 years of blogging, I've received emails from several young people who want to take the first step to learn and change how their future would be. Some come from poor family backgrounds where they are worried even for their parent's retirement. It is heartening to see people taking charge of their finances because they care for the people around them. Money is never just for ourselves but its to provide better lives for our loved ones.

Having dreams is important as it gives as a sense of purpose in life. However, dreams will only stay as dreams if we do not take action. Most of us would have been motivated before to take action in one way or another through conferences, books, people etc. Here's a video that I saw which I hope will motivate those of you who want to find a purpose for your life.

"Someone's opinion of you doesn't have to become a reality. That you don't have to go through life, being a victim. And even though you face disappointments, you have to know within yourself that I can do this, even if no one else sees it for me, I must see it for myself."

Enjoyed the video? 
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  1. Thank you for sharing that bombastically motivational video.

    May I share here what works for me? Without waiting for an answer I simply do that:

    We all should build our own dreams, or someone else will hire us to build theirs.

    Break down our dreams into several written goals (our motives for motivation) and then we should take action now in that present moment to get closer to our dream slowly and steadily step by step.

    Don't forget that most of the pleasure will be had along the way, with every step that takes us closer.

    Belief, persistence and patience will lead to fulfillment of our dreams. No worries, but the path might not be straight all the time...

  2. Hi i want to learn more about investment and trading from you i dont have much cause i come from a poor family background so please teach me

  3. Thanks for sharing. Writing down the goals (dreams) and break them down into actionable parts, with specific time targets as well (keep it manageable and realistic). Something we can all start to do today, no matter how the past has been we can still improve and make the best of what we have now.