Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Investing Your First $20,000

This is going to be my first post for the new year 2016. Thinking back when I first started investing, it wasn't a really smooth sailing journey. I read lots of books on how to start investing but never really got an idea of what it really is until I experience it myself. Most were too theoretical and to be successful in investing, it is not as easy as following a set of rules.

There were very few real life examples of how people really invested their money especially in Singapore. So, a few other blogger friends and I made an effort to write and share our experiences on investing and compiled it into an Ebook. Hopefully, this will make it easier for most of you to start investing. We have named title of the book as "Investing your first $20,000"

This book is going to be given free to all my readers here as a gift for the new year. It took months to compile and bring together all the thoughts and ideas to give you a complete picture of how each of us invest our money. Feel free to download and share it around with your friends.

You can download the Ebook here

Happy new year and wishing all a wonderful year ahead!

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