Wednesday, August 24, 2016

CPF's The Big 'R' Chat Roadshow 2016

CPF is such a big part of our lives where we use it for housing, retirement, healthcare etc. I've written various articles on how we can use CPF to have a better retirement as well as how CPF actually helps us to purchase our first home. It is indeed an integral part of our lives living in Singapore.

The CPF system is here to stay regardless if we like it or not. There have been many changes to the CPF system over the past few years where recently it was announced on more flexibility for us to invest our CPF monies in funds which would yield more returns than the 2.5% we get in our ordinary account. I will blog more on the details in due time when its released.

CPF board is holding a series of roadshows and financial talks in the months of August to November with the first one starting this Saturday at Suntec. This is a free to attend event and I think it is a good opportunity for us to learn more on financial and retirement planning. Personally, I'll be going for the event somewhere in October where I'll be more free.

Some of the highlights of the road show includes:


Through an interactive and immersive 360° virtual reality experience, members can find out what is their retirement personality.


Visitors can calculate how much savings they’ll need to achieve their desired monthly income, and it’ll be given to them in a receipt!


After finding out more about their retirement plan, visitors can send a reminder to their future selves to keep them on track!


For those of you with children, do bring them along. We have activities such as a DIY First Aid Kit for the kids, and lots of other premiums and activities for the whole family.


One of the highlights are the free talks they have. I've looked through the topics and think it is quite good especially for those who are planning to buy their first home or planning for retirement.

They have invited good speakers who are prominent in the financial world to give their insights. Some of the topics include buying your first home and future-proofing your retirement plan.

For more information on the event, you can go to the website here.

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  1. Seems like a good initiative by CPF to increase awareness of financial and retirement planning. It can be hard to navigate through the complexity of the information on CPF's website!