Friday, December 22, 2017

A Sneak Peak Of My Investments And How I Track My Portfolio

Stocks portfolio tracking can be quite a tedious task. I used to key in my transactions into excel individually and it took up quite a lot of my time as I still had to track my dividends and investment returns as well.

However, over the past 1 year, I manage to track my stocks portfolio automatically through a website called stocks cafe. I personally know a few other bloggers and fellow investors using it to track their stocks portfolio as well. It is really easy to use and best of all it sends report on my investment results to me every single day so I got an overview on how my portfolio performed.

This is the kind of update I received in my email every day. I can view it easily on my phone while on my way home after work:

There are also details of each individual stock and how they performed for the day in the email. This allows me to have a summary of what is going on in the market when I have no time to look at my stocks while at work.

The website of stocks cafe gives many other details including news and basic fundamental of stocks. Every morning, I will go to the website and read the news which are specifically filtered based on the stocks I have in my portfolio. This is how the website looks like:

The first news I see is on Suntec REIT which is a stock I have in my portfolio. There are many other news when you scroll down. When I click on my stocks portfolio, I get the details of each individual stocks I have in my portfolio. I can see the % allocation of the stock in my portfolio, the dividend yield, my average price, the profit and loss and also the dividends I received. This is more than enough to give me an overview of how my stocks are doing and how I can re-balance my portfolio when needed. 

Next, I can see the closed positions and the profit I get from each sell transactions:

I can also see the dividends I received and the dividend yield of my portfolio. There are also details of how much dividends I received from each stock and the projection moving forward. As seen below, I still have one final dividend not yet paid out from Singtel even though it has already XD.

And finally, I can even see my portfolio performance for the current year as well as the past few years. XIRR has been exceptionally good this year at more than 21%.

For research of stocks, the platform also allows me to get basic financial info of the companies and there is always a link to the investor relations page of the individual companies if I'm interested to find more information. Let's take an example of Suntec REIT to view its information on stocks cafe:

Firstly, we can see the stock chart. This is particularly useful for me as I will always at least look at the chart before I buy the stock. I want to try to buy a stock at good support levels.

Next, I can see basic information of the stock including its fundamentals and basic description. Basic financial ratios such as PE, PB, ROA, ROE and also dividend yield can be seen. As mentioned earlier, there is a link to the company's investor relation page under the general section which we can click through to get more information and do deeper research on the company.

Stocks cafe has been useful for me as a portfolio tracking tool and also a platform I am using if I want to find more about a stock. It has served me well for the past 1 year plus. It is free to use but there are some limitations for free users. You can try it first to see if its useful for you. Sign up here using my referral code and get 2 months friends of stock cafe for free.

The holidays are coming as well as the end of 2017. Here's wishing everyone Merry Christmas and happy holidays ahead!

* This is a tool I use personally. This is not a sponsored post

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  1. Thanks very nice blog!

  2. You seem a better stock picker. You must have made a lot based on the reit heavy portfolio

    1. Hi Alucard,

      Glad you found your way here to this post. Just to update, I've sold of some reits already as they are really getting overvalued.