Saturday, July 28, 2018

The Nail Of Life - How I Got Out Of Painful Situations in Life

I've not been writing much about my life lately as many things happened and I wanted to at least wait for things to settle down before I pen my thoughts down. This will probably be a short post to summarise my life in general.

Life is full of ups and downs as always. Readers would know I had a bad year end in 2017 where I saw how fragile life was. It was a struggle for me to understand and digest and accept what happened. You can read about what happened last year here. The start of the year was extremely painful for me too as I had to handle the emotions of not just myself but of my loved ones as well. I struggled to stay happy even though I know happiness is a choice.

I used to write about life lessons on my blog but realised I haven't been doing that for a long time. Oh well, when I cannot handle myself what right do I have to tell people about happiness? This was what went through my mind which stopped me from writing more. I had thoughts to just get out of Singapore and travel alone so that I can escape from the world but didn't do that in the end.

Work didn't come easy either. My department was restructured and the manpower was cut into half. Half of us were transferred to another department. I was one of those being transferred. I thought I could learn more by doing new things but the department was fire fighting all day long with back to back meetings for the past 2 months. I've had maybe 20 meetings in the past 2 months and some lasted as long as 12 hours. It was extremely difficult to absorb and learn the information myself while I struggled to understand what is going on in the meetings. It didn't helped when the management didn't gave clear direction of what they wanted to do either.

For investments, the market had a significant sell down a few weeks back and my portfolio went down by the thousands. Thankfully, the market went back up again and dividends were paid recently too. The worst investment this year which I made had to be in Hyflux where I invested in its preference share. I went to the town hall session just last week and it is still unknown whether they will pay back the money. It was a really bad town hall with the place very hot and stuffy and the management didn't really gave clear directions on what would happen. It seems like they were as lost as us even though they had the best legal, accounting and C-Suite level professionals in the town hall session. I hope the CEO will keep to her word where she said she will want to take care of the minority stakeholders interest as much as possible.

Then, things started to turn around. Some good news happened just this week. I was so sick and tired of everything that I told myself enough is enough. I am going to get out of my situation and move forward. Just 2 weeks back, 2 recruiters called me and proposed jobs which I may be interested in. I went for one of it and may get a job offer soon. I am really contemplating to leave and will think about it and see how it goes when they call back next week. Its a meaningful job where I get to make impact in the lives of others.

I saw a video on Facebook which talked about "How to Un-Stub Your Toe on the Nail of Life". Are you in situations where you feel pain but you still stay on the pain and unable to get out of it? Watch this short 3 mins video and hope it motivates you in your life:

If you've been in pain for the longest time in your life, now is the time to say enough is enough, I am getting out and moving forward in life again. Turn your failures in success today!

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