Monday, January 13, 2014

How to Invest in Gold Bullion?

How to Invest in Gold Bullion

Precious metals are naturally occurring metallic compounds of high economic value because of their rarity. Gold bullion is the more popular precious metal that is frequently selected by investors because this precious metal is often used as a hedge or harbor against economic uncertainty. Bullion is a bulk form of gold, and gold bullion is frequently traded on prominent commodities markets. Gold bullion can be traded as a commodity that is significantly affected by the central banking industry and the international monetary fund, for example.


Getting Started in Gold Investing

Gold bullion bars can be used as hedging products against inflation. Buy gold online through professional precious metals dealers to begin a precious metals portfolio. Buy gold bullion as a precious metals investment. This type of investment is tangible and is often more attractive to individuals who wish to have their own access to an account. Gold can be easily used as a purchasing agent. An investor can use their own storage facility or may use a safety deposit box at a local bank, for example. Insurance is available for an account that is stored by a professional gold dealer.

New Investor Tips

Buy gold online through an online professional precious metals and rare coins dealer. An investor may buy gold bullion successfully by using the following steps:

  • Learn about the online dealer and the services offered.
  • The quality and characteristics of the gold bars purchased are critical to understand.
  • Gold purity is an important characteristic of a gold bullion purchase with higher purity levels being more valuable.
  • Be sure the gold is genuine by using reputable dealers who sell only legitimate products.
  • There are several makers of gold bars that use a valuable hallmark that identifies a genuine product.
  • Check the spot price of gold to make sure that the sales price is appropriate.

Investing in Gold Bullion Wisely

Gold bullion bars can be held for a number of years as a long term investment. Investors often use gold bullion and other precious metals as retirement accounts. The bullion bars can be sold for emergency purposes. The following are several markets for gold bullion bars:

Contact an investment company directly in order to sell a gold bullion bar.
Auction websites can help a gold investor sell a certain amount of gold bullion.
A local jewelry store may want to purchase gold in order to manufacture new jewelry.
Pawn shops buy gold bullion for lower pay outs.


Gold is used as an additional account for an investor's portfolio. The value of gold has its own economic markets, and frequently the value of this yellow metal does not decline when other markets fall. This precious metal is used as a hedge against unstable economic markets and a harbor against inflation. There is a tangible value to this type of investing that is attractive to investors wanting more direct account access. Buy gold bars for long term retirement investments. Buy gold online through reputable broker dealers. Note the quality and characteristics ofgold bars prior to purchase. Investment caliber bars are stamped with a maker's hallmark and have a certain percentage of gold purity. Gold bullion bars can be safely stored.

*The above article is contributed as a guest post by Aew. 

My thoughts on investing in Gold

Gold is a long term investment. It is a hedge against inflation. When the value of paper currency depreciates, Gold becomes stronger as what we've seen over the years when the US dollar depreciated. Gold prices has fallen significantly over the past 1 year and may continue to fall as the US dollar get stronger due to the fact of the tapering of QE. It may be good to watch gold prices as it develops. There will certainly be chances for patient investors to buy Gold at cheap prices.

In Singapore, you can invest in Gold through the bank. UOB allows you to open a gold/silver account or you can buy the physical gold itself. Contact a professional advisor to know more about investment in Gold Bullion.


  1. Before buying gold online, does some research work, read reviews, breeze the websites, read their terms and conditions and check the authenticity of the website. Once you are assured about the authenticity of the store only then purchase the gold.

    1. Hi tom cooper,

      Thanks for your advice. It is indeed to check and research first before investing

  2. I believe in gold bullion too. Every investors should have some bullion in their investment portfolio to hedge risks from market swings. I have written a few articles on gold bullion in my blog, SG Wealth Builder ( Check it out.

    SG Wealth Builder

    1. Hi Gerald,

      I have read your articles. Very well written :)

  3. Good information and nice suggestions as well. It is better to know about an MCX or NCDEX tips provider if you are investing in commodity market.

  4. Do you think it is even possible to invest in Gold Bullion with just 2 to 3k cash?
    I had check some of the online dealer and they are selling gold coin but in different design. Does it really make a difference in the design?

    1. Hi,

      I think its possible. Gold comes in different purity. Some are 99.9% and some lesser. I'm in no position to advise on these matters. Its good to check with a licensed dealer on it.

  5. 2k 3k cant see much profit.
    the spread alone wipe out any profit