Sunday, January 26, 2014

Undercover Happiness

This series was shown on Channel 5 where many successful individuals go undercover for 2 days to experience the life of an underprivileged family in Singapore.

In this particular episode, CEO of Propnex, Mohamed Ismail, goes undercover to know more about the life of an underprivileged family. The family is poor but the children are still sensible to be contented that they have food on the table even though its only 1 dish for 2 meals a day. They don't have extra money to have better food. This family does not have the chance to travel abroad and the shocking thing is they don't even have money to make a passport.

After the undercover mission, Mohamed Ismail reveals his true identity and finds ways to help this family in his own capacity. There are a few other episodes also which shows other successful individuals helping other underprivileged families. Check them out on

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