Saturday, September 13, 2014

Take Charge, Plan Ahead

Saw an interesting video by MoneySense which encourages people to take charge of their finances. Not only should we plan for ourselves but plan for our families and love ones as well. It's only a 2 minutes plus video but does bring forth its message clearly. Enjoy the video!

Sometimes, we're too engrossed with our lives and forget about the people around us. Plan and save for the future you want today!

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  1. This is what i perceived fromthe video. Just to share. Having kids is one of the greatest wonders in my life. I learn to give without expecting anything in return. They call this feeling love. Otherwise having an abundance and reaching financial freedom do not make sense. After all the ability to give without asking for anything in return truly makes one feel blessed. The second message is it is always easy to play the role of a superhero to a kid, even if it is the darnest thing. I became an idol just by winning a peel-the-pomelo competition. That worship makes you feel so powerful like asuperhero and that impression on the kid is everlasting. Have a kid! you will not regret it if you planned well for a family! ask jim rogers

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It is always a joy to have kids of your own. Its like you created a new life of your own. I see many people sacrifice a lot for their kids. Even when they don't have much, they still try to provide everything for him or her.

      Yes, the message is to plan well for it. A family brings joy but without money, there will always be problems. Jim Rogers is rich. He has many kids and loves them and he is able to live his life without worrying about money. Like you said, if we plan well for a family, we will not regret it!