Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Aureus Education Fair 2014 @ The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Are you considering a career change / advancement?

Thinking of a career change? Want to further your studies for a better career advancement? Look no further, as the Aureus Education Fair will bring together the world’s most prestigious universities and Southeast Asia’s most ambitious students for an exclusive one-day event.

Education is an important element and a ticket to an open door to a position in a good company. With so many universities to choose from around the world, sometimes we get confused on which is a better choice. In this education fair, some of the world's most prominent universities from the United States, Great Britain and Singapore will be participating. Aureus Education will be bringing together a highly select group of admissions officers and/or alumni members. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to gain valuable insight into their esteemed programs. Explore what these schools have to offer through a mix of panel discussions and networking sessions: their entry requirements, culture, academic offerings, career/research opportunities, activities and clubs etc.

The schools line up:

Yale University

University of Oxford

New York University 
London School of Economics

Singapore Management University

Nanyang Business School

How can soft skills (e.g. personal branding and interview) and an MBA help you?

Communicating your uniqueness on paper and in person is of paramount importance in a cut-throat admissions climate. Nothing shouts “Look At Me!” more than authentic, riveting and well-constructed admissions essays and interview answers. Keep abreast of your competition by mastering the art of personal branding, effective writing and interviewing via a series of insightful seminars featuring guest admissions directors. There will be different sessions catered to both undergraduate college applicants and graduate MBA applicants.

Participants are also offered the opportunity to complete the Aureus Psychometric Instrument (API). Based on the work of renowned psychologist Carl Jung, this profiling assessment identifies 4 personality types (Nurturer, Philosopher, Protector, and Adventurer) that can be fundamentally defined as dominant innate preferences demonstrated in human relations. Results from the API are particularly helpful for applicants, as they can help you determine what type of environment you would be best suited to study and work in, how you orient your energies, make decisions, and deal with the external world.

More details on the seminars:

How can the Aureus Education fair event add value to your career?

Besides the seminar sessions, you can also take advantage of this event to network with these universities as well as other like-minded candidates who are thinking of further education just like you. There will also be panel discussions for both future undergraduate and graduate students to ask questions and receive insightful answers.

More details of the event schedule:

Details of the event:

Date: 25th October 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 9am - 5pm
Place: The Fullerton Hotel

To register and for more information on the event itself, visit Aureus Education website here:

Aureus Education Fair Facebook Page:

*Image credits: Aureus Conculting/Aureus Education website & Facebook Page

*This is a sponsored post by Aureus Consulting*


  1. hi is this event free?

    1. Hi,

      Its a paid event. You can refer to their website for more information.

  2. hi is this event free or a paid one?

    1. Hi,

      Its a paid event. Please refer to their website for more information.