Saturday, October 11, 2014

Weekend Video: Having a Life of Gratitude

I saw this video which I thought would be good to share as its really touching. More often than not, we always take things for granted which makes us unhappy individuals on Earth. On the other side of life, there are people who live in harsh environments but they still learn to adapt and survive.


Just a few days ago, I wrote an article on practising frugality to achieve happiness in a high cost of living environment. In Singapore, we have the convenience a lot of people in poor countries yearn to have but somehow, we are still not happy. Another financial blogger B, also wrote an article on Things become luxuries when you don't take them for granted. In his post, there's a quote that "gratitude unlocks the fullness of life".

Think your life is tough, think again. Watch the video below:
(Sorry there are no English subtitles. The video audio is in Chinese with Malay subtitles)

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  1. Hi SGYI

    Good video there especially to remind us once again.

    If we think our life sucks think again after watching the video!!!

    1. Hi B,

      It was so touching I felt I had to share.

  2. Hi SGYI,

    I am learning to be contented with little things in life.

    Words of wisdom from a friend ringing in my ears,


    We forget to be GRATEFUL for what we HAVE.

    This is the main source of unHAPPINESS and relentless quest for unlimited Wants.

    1. Hi Candy188,

      Indeed. Let's be contented while staying ambitious in life.

  3. yes, we have to be contented with what we have. there is no limit to contentment if one just simply asks for more and more and still feels inadequate in spite of what he/she already has.
    everyone comes to this world with nothing and will leave with nothing.