Sunday, January 4, 2015

Pocket Wifi for your overseas trips with VisionData Singapore

In Singapore, we're so connected to each other that we can access the internet almost everywhere. We can send Whatsapp messages, surf the net, browse our Facebook news feeds, check emails anywhere. Many of us will realise that once we travel overseas, we're constantly looking for wifi hotspots at our hotel, at cafes and we wish that wifi could be everywhere. Now its possible with the Pocket Wifi from VisionData Singapore.

I was in Jakarta last week and those who read my previous post on what I did during my trip would know that. Prior to my trip, coincidently, VisionData contacted me and offer to sponsor to try out their pocket wifi device. I found it interesting so decided to try it out. I'll be writing a review for the product below.

About VisonData Singapore

VisondataSG (VDS) provides low cost pocket Wifi rental services that covers more than 70 countries.

With the Pocket Wifi, customer will be able to stay connected while overseas.

My review

The internet browsing speed that you can get solely depends on the network in that particular country. Broadband service speed may vary depending on coverage, location, devices used, network traffic and the type of data being transmitted.

The package came in a pouch which was convenient for travel. Inside, there's an instruction sheet, the pocket wifi device and a travel adapter charger. The device is small which makes it easy to carry. You can just put it into your pocket and travel around.

When I arrived in Jakarta, I switched on the device while taking a taxi to the apartment which I would be staying in. On the taxi itself, I could already browse the internet through the pocket wifi device. My friends were actually quite surprised that such a thing can be done.Yes, the device can be used by more than one person. Each device can actually support 4-6 users. We had 3 phones that were simultaneously connected at the same time and it worked well.

Why VisionData Singapore?

Rental of the pocket wifi from VDS will be cost saving. I saw on their website that the price for Indonesia was $9 a day. Typically, each local Telco will charge $15/day for data roaming. Ordering process is simple as item will be couriered to the designated location two working days before travelling. You can also choose to pick up item from VDS office.

 VisonData also offer rental service for their power banks at $2 a day.

For more information about the device and the pricing for each country, you can refer to their website:

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I'm one of those who die die must have data when I travel overseas, and I've always bought local SIM cards from whichever countries I go to but getting pocket wifi could be another option. Will definitely check it out.

    1. Hi RetailTrader,

      Gald you find this useful. :)

  2. Doesn't work well in Taipei and Taichung. Drops off all the time. Had to reconnect. Even when I asked my kids to go off the Wi-Fi and had only one device running, it didn't improve. Overall very unsatisfactory. I would say I managed to get only one third access during my 6 days there. Works better in Taipei. Up the mountains is quite hopeless.

    1. Hi Jay,

      I guess wireless technology depends on location and the available of the mobile signal. Certain rural areas will have poorer signals in some countries

  3. I was on a trip to Cambodia. We went to rural part of Takeo province (1 hour drive from the city). The pocket Wi-Fi was great. Even other trippers was losing Wi-Fi connection despite buying a SIM card from Cambodia's local Telco.