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Position Yourself as a Magnet of Attraction - A New Dream For 2015

People are always searching for something in their lives. They may be searching for a purpose, for love, for friendship, for money, for power and many more. It gets tiring to keep on searching and searching but end up finding nothing. Its like a treasure hunt game where you search for hours upon hours but still cannot find the treasure you're looking for.

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The search for money is very prevalent once we reach the young adult stage. Its so obvious that people are trying to pull another person down just to be on top in their career. Businessman try to make money while taking advantage of others. Sales people use deceit just to get their commission. I'm sure you've seen this happening all around you.

On the other side, you also see people who became rich but they did not search for money as much. Even when they are rich, they still live a simple life just like your neighbour next door. Money doesn't interest them as much.

  • Warren Buffet still lives in his old house he bought 50 years ago.
  • Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of Ikea, drove a 15 year volvo and always flew economy class
  • Sergy Brin, co-founder of Google, said he prefers not to leave anything on the plate uneaten and still looks at prices when he buys stuff.

Clearly, these people are worth billions of dollars but they still live like how they did before. They did not search for money just to fulfil their material desires of driving luxurious cars and buying branded goods.

So how did they become so rich when they did not search for money?

Herein lies the secret of the law of attraction. Yes, money can be attracted into our lives instead of us searching for it.

Here's what you can do to position yourself to attract money:

1. Be Value Conscious
Never buy overpriced products. Did you know prices for the same product can cost differently? For example, I can buy the same plane tickets as the one sitting next to me but for half the price. This was what I did for my Taiwan trip. Just $200 for a 2 ways air ticket.

You can buy the same house as your neighbour but at a much cheaper price just one year later.

You can get the same food as what your friend is eating but at a discounted rate.

You can buy the same quality of clothes at half the price.

You can watch the same movie at the same cinema but yours is at a cheaper rate or even free with a popcorn.

A little everyday adds up to a lot. The best thing is you're still enjoying the same thing as all others but you end up having more money in your pockets. Having said that, we should not just pounce on every discount and end up spending more instead. Spend on what you need and minimize wastage. If you buy too much, it ends up in your storeroom anyway. 

Be value conscious and you'll realise money sticks to you automatically like you're a magnet.

2. Focus on Providing Value

Instead of always wanting to make more money, try shifting your focus to providing value. In your work, contribute ideas as much as you can to improve your company. In business, create the best value for your customers. Money will come as a result of providing value.

However, your value is only as important as what others sees it as. If you're working very hard but your boss doesn't see it, there's no value to him. If you create a product for your business but customers don't experience the benefit, its of no value to them. Focus on creating experiences. Put yourself into the shoes of others and know what they want (your boss included). 

3. Respect Money, Respect People

Money is a by-product of the things that we do. We have to take care of it just like how we raise a child. A child grows up healthily because the parents take the effort to sacrifice their sleep to wake up in the middle of the night just to feed her. The parents even sacrifice their entertainment needs just to give the child a better life. 

Besides growing up healthily physically, a child needs to grow up healthily emotionally also. If a parent thinks the child is evil and naughty, the child grows up to be wayward and rebellious. If a parent thinks the child is smart, the child grows up being smart. 

Money is like a child. If we manage it well, it grows healthily. If not, it can disappear once and for all. We also have to take note of our mindset towards money. If you think money is evil, it will run away from you just like how a rebellious child run away from home.

Relationships are built over time. Trust and respect are important for a relationship to work out well. Make more friends than enemies and your world will be a better place. If you respect people, most likely they will respect you too. If you do good to others, others will do good to you too. There may be exceptional cases so just watch out and you'll be fine.

4. The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction applies not just to money but also to every aspect of our lives. If we're drowned in negativity, we attract all the negative things into our lives. If you're poor now, don't be limited by your situation. Instead of saying its hard to be rich, ask yourself how you can be rich?

Set goals and have dreams. After that, be emotionally connected to your dreams. Visualise the life that you want to have. In your mind, see that it has already happened. You'll be surprised that it will happen sometime down the road. It may be months, it may be years but it has happened to a lot of people already.

Do you want to be a millionaire? Dream for it!
Do you want to be financially free? Visualise it!

I shared a video on  The secret movie - The law of attraction. It was a good film and I realised that the law of attraction happened in my life also. Read the post and watch the movie to know more about the law of attraction and how it applies to my life.

There you go, 4 easy ways to position yourself as a magnet of attraction. Focus on doing the right things and at the right place and the right time, you'll end up attracting all the good things in life for your relationships, your financial life, your career, your family and your business. It doesn't matter if you have got nothing to your name now. It doesn't matter if you're still a young student. All of us have to start somewhere. Start dreaming and acting upon it and one day your dreams will become reality.

"We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day" - Richard G. Scott

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