Monday, February 23, 2015

National CashFlow Competition 2015

Have you ever thought that you could have a glimpse of your future in Singapore and understand how making the right financial decisions can affect your life indefinitely? Do you think that making decisions on buying a house, buying insurance, investing in stocks, bonds and even starting a business is too much to handle? Are you confused about how economic events can affect your financial life?

As a young person growing up in Singapore, inevitably we will have concerns for the future. Now, with a newly designed board game called Asset Finesse™ (AF), we can experience making financial decisions for our future. The best thing is when we make a wrong decision, we can learn from it and not make the same mistake in our real lives.

I've been invited to play this game a couple of times now. This game has a realistic element to our lives in Singapore. It is a revelation of how our life will turn out in the future base on the financial decisions we make. For the first time in history, you too can experience this game through an annual financial board game competition called National CashFlow organised by NTU Interactive Investment Club (NTU IIC) and sponsored by Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd.

All of us can join this competition regardless whether we are studying or working.

What Is National CashFlow Competition 2015?

National CashFlow Competition (NCF) 2015, is the largest annual event proudly presented to you by NTU-IIC. This year, the committee is happy to introduce a newly designed board game, Asset Finesse™ (AF). This board game is suitable for anyone who seeks to understand the economics of Singapore as well as learn to appreciate the uniqueness of a small but powerful country. More importantly, it provides players with a fun-learning experience about finance in general.

There will be 3 categories:

  1. Secondary - For Secondary Schools in Singapore
  2. Tertiary - For JCs, Polys and ITEs
  3. Open - For undergraduates and any members of the public 

On the day itself, all categories will compete separately at the preliminary round (participants only have to go through one round). Winner from each table at the preliminary round will then proceed to the final round.

Highlights of Asset Finesse:

  • Singapore context -> CPF token, HDB flat, baby bonus
  • Economy cards -> The economy state will keep changing throughout the game (thriving, steady, flat and poor outlook)
  • Objective: accumulate net assets of 200k 
  • Insurance events such as natural disaster/fire/illness -> highlight the importance of having an insurance 

What can you look forward to?

  • Get to play the newly created board game, Asset Finesse™
  • Be INTRODUCED to the fundamentals of the various investment platforms
  • Be TRAINED in financial literacy-- read financial statements and manage your assets
  • HONE your skills in accounting, wealth management and investing in a risk-free environment
  • Look forward to a FUN learning experience with our enthusiastic and dynamic facilitators​
  • FREE Goodie Bags, ATTRACTIVE prizes, NEW friends and MANY MORE​ waiting for you!
The top three prizes will be given to winners from EACH category. Other participants will be entitled to lucky draw prizes as well as goodie bags.

First prize is a 13-inch MacBook Air!!

Details​ of the Actual Day Event

Date: Saturday, 21st March 2015
Time: 0930 to 2000 hrs
Venue: Great Eastern Centre, Centre for Excellence (Raffles Place)

Registration Fees: $10 per participant
(You will be entitled to free event T-shirt, free Goodie bag and stand a chance to win Macbook Air)

Training Sessions

Participants are welcome to come down for a FREE training session conducted by the NCF team. The details of the public training session are as follow:
Date:    Saturday, 28th February 2015
Time:   1000 to 1200 hrs (1st session) or 1230 to 1430 hrs (2nd session)
Venue: S4-SR3
             Nanyang Business School
             50 Nanyang Avenue, Nanyang Technological University, 639798

Note: Register for this training session via

A mass training session will also be conducted for all participants one week prior to the actual event day. The details are as follow:
Date: Saturday, 14th March 2015
Time: 0900 to 1200 hrs (Secondary School Category)
          1400 to 1700 hrs (Tertiary/Open Category)

Venue: Great Eastern Centre, Centre for Excellence (Raffles Place)


Wait no longer! Sign up now by clicking on the link below and get ready for a day of fun!​

Registration deadline: 12th March 2015, 2359 HRS

For more updates and details, do visit their Facebook page at​ or their website at


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    1. Hi Ken,

      I'll most likely be there to take a look but won't be participating in the competition itself. Will you be joining the competition?

  2. Yup , am going , go for kopi after the prelim round ?

    1. Hi Ken,

      Sure! I hope I won't be too busy on that day. Let's keep in touch through email. I saw your post on NCF too. Thanks for sharing it :)

    2. Np , you have my email?

    3. Nope, but I have your FB account. We can PM each other there.

  3. Hey SGYI, let's arrange a meet up together with ken? I'll be joining the competition too!

    1. Hi Dexter,

      Sure. I'll most likely be at the Asset Finesse booth on that day. I may also be there during the mass training session this Saturday.