Wednesday, April 20, 2016

New Launch of Free Ebook

Many of you may have downloaded a free Ebook on "Investing your first $20,000" which was a collaboration effort between me and a few other financial bloggers. That was a big first step in providing free content for the general public to learn more on investing and how to start it out. If you did not manage to get the free Ebook, you can down it here.

Today, another free Ebook is launched for your download again. This is a book on crowdfunding and its an extensive effort that was done to put together unbiased information and views on what crowdfunding is really about. Crowdfunding is a relatively new investment frontier for retail investors in Singapore and its important to know what we are really getting into before putting our money in. There are certainly risks in it. How do we manage the risks?

In this guide, you will learn:

  • Different types of Crowdfunding
  • Most popular type of Crowdfunding in Singapore
  • Potential Risks of Crowdfunding, and how you can minimise your exposure to them
  • 7 things to watch out for when you participate in Crowdfunding
  • How you can take part in Crowdfunding in Singapore
  • Honest and unbiased sharing from 2 experienced Singapore Crowdfunders: how they manage their risks, how they select potentially safe and successful projects, and many more bits of wisdom.
You can download a copy of the free Ebook here: Crowdfunding – Demystifying the Investing Frontier for Retail Investors

Hope you enjoy it!

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