Monday, April 25, 2016

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore - A New Theme Cafe at Orchard Central

Besides blogging on investments, I decided to write on some of my cafe experiences in Singapore. It really doesn't hurt to spend more just to enjoy life a little. Sometimes it can be satisfying to just spend without looking at price tag. This is my first post dedicated to food in a cafe.

Just last week, I went with my girlfriend to this new cafe called Pompompurin. I heard a lot about the craze and didn't believe it at first. Why would people queue to experience this new cafe? We went early and reached before 5:30pm on a Saturday. The queue was already quite long with about 50 people queuing in line. Only at 7:30pm did we manage to get a seat. That's 2 hours of waiting time!!

The queue outside the cafe on that day

In case you're wondering what is this Pompompurin, it is actually a Sanrio character introduced in 1996. He is a big yellow/cream coloured dog (Golden Retriever) who wears his trademark brown beret. Sanrio is a Japan based company which also created the popular character, Hello Kitty. Now, this explains what the craze is about, just like the hello kitty craze Macdonalds had in Singapore. Anyway, a Hello Kitty Cafe will be also coming soon in Singapore in just a few months time.

The place was nicely decorated with a garden theme. Its definitely a nice place for a date as I see many other couples too. Also, its a good place to bring your kids. They will sure love the cute designs on their food as well as the nicely decorated environment.

We took a good time taking many photos and the food arrived in a short time. I guessed it was only about 10-15 mins and the food was already here. We tried the Taco rice in a cup of friendship, which includes ingredients such as minced meat, tomatoes, avocado, eggs, tacos and rice. The menu actually said that the best way to eat this was to lower the Pompompurin and Muffin on the meat and veggies before mixing it all in together which was exactly what I did . I took out the whole Pompompurin figurine and it was huge inside the cup!! The rice was so sticky that the figurine manage to stay intact while I took it out. The taste was surprising quite good. The meat and eggs were well marinated with savoury sauce. However, the rice was really sticky. and we had to eat it in big chunks.

Next, we tried the Pompompurin’s Coconut Milk Chicken Curry. The curry was not really spicy with a sweet taste. It was rich in flavour and blended well with the rice. Still the best is the design of the plate. The whole face of Pompompurin was surrounded by the curry and they made the capsicum into many shapes such as stars, hearts and even fork and spoon. The flavour of the coconut milk was very rich in this dish so if you like coconut milk curry, this is the dish for you.

Other dishes they had were the Pompompurin's Beef Stroganoff, Everybody Gather Around! Picnic Plate and 2 other spaghetti dishes. They also had many desserts and drinks to choose from.

Lastly, we ordered the  Love Love Hot Marshmallow Latte. It looked really nice on the menu and when it came, true enough it was Love Love and Hot. Nice designs on the latte with cute marshmallows.

Overall it was a good experience. The final bill came out at exactly $60 which is not too bad for a special date. The portion is quite huge and you will sure be full after eating it. Its kinda hard to take your first bite on the lovely designs though. Bring your girlfriend, your wife or your kids there and they will sure love it! However, be warned of the queue. It takes patience to wait in line as I see quite a few people left the queue after waiting too long.

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