Sunday, June 15, 2014

How to become wealthy with just a middle class salary

What if i tell you that it is possible to become a millionaire with just an average middle class salary? There have been many people who've done it and i would like to share this one person today.


Andrew Hallam is the author of the book "Millionaire Teacher". He started investing when he was 20 and became a millionaire by age 37 with just a normal teacher's salary. There is an interview series by Channel News Asia money mind programme where they had an exclusive session with him.

What inspired Andrew Hallam to become what he is today is interesting. He said there was a time where he was working at a bus depot back then and there he met this mechanic who was a millionaire. He was thinking how could this person who earns an average become a millionaire? The mechanic inspired him by saying: "You can choose to do whatever job it is you want to do. If you learn how to manage your money, you can become wealthy even with a middle class salary".

Watch the videos below and find out more about his story:

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  1. Inspiring, thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing, very insightful!

  3. Thanks for this inspiration. It has definitely struck a chord to what I am going through now.