Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The revolutionary smart lighting system - Phillips Hue

I came across this smart lighting system from Phillips which i didn't know existed until now. The lighting system is so intelligent that you can control all the lights just from your smart phone itself. It can also be integrated with a speaker where the light will automatically adjust to suit the music that it's playing.

To me, this is something really amazing. I have to confess i do love technology stuffs. Everything that's related to smart, i'm always intrigued about it. Phillips Hue is actually just a normal light bulb that can fit into any of your house lights with a light bulb head. But, it has a chip that is integrated in it which can communicate wireless with your smart phone. You just have to download the app and you can control the light from your phone itself. The app can also be customised to turn off automatically when you leave the house and turn on automatically when you come back. It can also be customised to flash when an event happen such as when you receive a text message. The even more amazing thing is, i heard that the light bulb lifespan is actually 15 years! That's something really impressive.

I shall not say too much. Let the video below introduce you to this technology:

The next video is definitely going to blow your mind. The smart lighting system actually allows the light to change colour and move along with the music like disco. Watch how it works below:

I don't know if this is already available in Singapore? Have any of you seen it or heard of it before? One thing that came to my mind is if this revolutionise the lighting industry, those companies who sells expensive lighting equipment and systems will be in trouble one day. The new Phillips smart lighting system is so easy to use that i think even a small kid will know how to use it as compared to the complex lighting systems we have out there. Like how smart phones revolutionise the mobile phone industry which killed some big players including Nokia, Siemens and Blackberry, this may kill other players out there too.


  1. It's on sale at the Apple Online store: http://store.apple.com/sg/product/HA779PA/A/philips-hue-connected-bulb-starter-pack.

    I think you can also go to EpiCentre to get them.