Friday, June 20, 2014

I went shopping!

Oh no, why is a finance blog talking about shopping? Yes i went shopping and bought lots of stuff. Before you accuse me of asking people to splurge, let me explain.

The reason behind the shopping was because i needed some clothes for my cousin's wedding in about 2 months time. Being me, I started sourcing for discounts on the internet to see if i can find some good deals. Then i remembered it was the great Singapore sale (GSS) season so there might be really good deals. I went to Google and type GSS and out came the GSS website. There were discounts at various departmental stores all around Singapore so i went down to check it out. I went to this departmental store called BHG. Apparently, on the GSS website, they stated there are discounts of up to 70% for many items. I went there and true enough there were discounts but i couldn't find any clothes which suited me. Some were too expensive in the range $80-$90 per piece while some were cheaper but i did not like it. In the end, i only bought a pair of leather shoes.

I still needed to buy clothes so I went to shop around. I passed by Uniqlo shop and went in to take a look. Some of their items were on discounts but i did not find any suitable ones for me again. The cheap ones don't look nice while the nicer ones are priced above $60. Still too expensive.

Then i went on to a G2000 shop which has many nice formal shirts which is suitable for wedding. But, they were even more expensive and the ones i like was more than $90. All in all, I spent almost 2 hours walking around but did not manage to buy any clothes. Just a pair of leather shoes.

2 days later, I saw that expo has a John little mega expo sale and there were many brands participating in the sale. I went down to take a look and immediately saw some nice G2000 shirts which was selling there. Those shirts and pants selling above $60 were priced at $23 there. Looks good and affordable to me. I guessed they were priced much cheaper because the had too much stock to clear, or they have new designs and these are the old ones or there were some defects? I don't know the real reason but I tried to check for defects as much as I could and everything look al-right to me so it should look ok to others as well. Its still from G2000 so I guess it shouldn't be that bad. The quality of the clothing material was good too. Anyway, I bought a formal pants, a pair of shirts and a belt. In total i spent $143 on 5 items (including the shoes I bought earlier) instead of one item at $99 if i had bought 2 days earlier.

I can afford to buy the expensive clothes but I just don't find that its worth to buy at that price. I can buy the cheap clothes but if its not nice and the quality is not that good. I won't just save the money for the sake of saving. Getting good quality stuff at a cheaper price is what I like. I'm happy with my newly bought stuffs and the shopping experience this week.  

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  1. Replies
    1. Hi betta man,

      You're right. Its has become a habit already. But when buying stocks, sometimes it requires even more patience to get it at the right price.

    2. Hi SGYI

      During GSS, like recession, that's when we stocked up ;)

    3. Hi B,

      Yup, its always good to buy at a discount.

  2. By the way, the Changi City Point (opposite Expo) has a few factory outputs (G2000, Adidas, Nike etc..) are having quite a good bargains too. They are there all year round...

    1. Hi Richard,

      I know Changi City point has factory outlet stores but haven't went there to check it out before. Shall check it out one day. Thanks for the heads up.