Friday, August 26, 2022

Work can be frustrating and that's why the need for financial independence

Recently, I've been feeling frustrated with work and it's really bad for health. Getting blamed for mistakes, getting scolded and being thrown lots of workload are part and parcel of the working life. Sometimes, missing deadlines is not entirely controllable as there are many factors which can happen and having to go through multiple approvals and stakeholders can delay the whole process. Not everyone is cooperative and in the end most people will protect themselves first. I've worked in 3 companies now and all have its good and bad points. The verdict is whichever company you join, there are bound to be unhappy times and times of frustration and stress. At the end of the day, most people are just working for money to put food on the table and pay the bills. 

Sometimes I wonder is it because I take work too seriously and get affected when I make mistakes. I blame myself a lot and keep repeating in my mind why did I even allow it to happen. While on the other hand I also see people who are nonchalant about their work attitude and can get away doing little work by acting blur. These people survive the longest in the company. 

Nevertheless, this is why it's important to achieve financial independence because you are able to be in control of your happiness and health by calling it quits when it becomes unbearable. There are more young people who are in fact doing this now where there's a term called the great resignation where many resign without a job. Many people are also suffering health problems and burn out as we progress as a nation. Unfortunately, the push for productivity may end up causing many to suffer considerable side effects on their health. 

Will we end up like Japan where their citizens can work non stop and even to the extend of death by working? I think as society progresses, it gets increasingly difficult especially for Singapore where we have no natural resources. We can only depend on ourselves in order not to work to our deaths. I've already seen some colleagues who passed away while they were still employed by the company due to certain illness. They didn't get to retire at all. 

While I still cannot call it quits when work gets frustrating, I hope one day I can finally say I do not have to work for money and really do the work which I enjoy and not having to be frustrated and still suck it up. 


  1. As employees, most of us have to pursue FI so that we have options when our jobs are hurting us too much.

    1. Hi Uncle CW,

      Long time no see. Yes we pursue FI so that we have options when our jobs are hurting too much. Well said! Seeing how you achieve FI and able to retire from your job inspires me!

  2. Hi SGYI

    i'm slightly older than you a few years. So more or less, i can relate to you.

    The work itself are never the hardest part, hardest part are always the human interaction. Be serious in your work, but never too serious. Never be the nice guy, cause nice guy finish last. Be the "bastard" if you must, that's how people fear or starts to notice you. When it's time to fight back, you fight back. You may lose, but you feel better than sorry for yourself for not fighting back.

    1. Hi small time investor,

      Thank you for your advice. You're right that nice guys finish last. Think it's really time to fight back.