Monday, September 2, 2013

China Minzhong acquired by PT Indofood. Share price shoots up by 112%

China Minzhong has gotten out of its pit. Its trading halt was lifted today and from a low of 0.53, it shot up to 1.12. Reason was because it got an offer from PT Indofood to acquired its shares at 1.12. China Minzhong has offered its shareholders a mandatory cash offer at an offer price of 1.12.

Previously, a negative report by Glaucus Research caused it share price to drop by more than 50%. This caused fear to investors who own China Minzhong shares as they see their portfolio value plummet. There were rumours that China Minzhong could be forever suspended and shareholders could never get back their money. There were many S-chips or so called china stocks which suffered that fate so its understandable that a fear is there.

So what does a mandatory cash offer means? It means all shareholders have to sell their shares and the company will buy it at a price of 1.12. You can sell it now or wait for the mandatory cash offer letter to be mailed to you and accept the offer.

I've received one mandatory cash offer before and it was by the company sakari. It was known as straits asia trading beforehand. It does feel good to see your stocks jump up in value. How to know if a company will be acquired? I have to say there is no sure way to tell but investing in undervalued companies increases the probability by a lot.

Learning how to pick stocks is the best knowledge that you can acquire. In fact, by learning how to analyze a company, i've picked up skills in business management and economics. I've also learnt the skills of accounting. There is so much to learn in the investing world. One can never get bored of learning and lifelong learning is one of the keys to success. It is not just about making money but its about a journey towards financial freedom.

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  1. the big fish were fighting !! yeah !

  2. Hi stevenhalim87,

    The fighting was good as in the end shareholders benefited ;)