Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What's with the WhatsApp craze?

While i was on the bus, i realised that a lot of people were busy typing out on their phones. I took a peek at the people around me and saw that almost everyone was using WhatsApp. I have to admit i'm one of them too. People use to pay for messages in the old days and many young people were sending too many SMSes which caused their phone bills to burst. I used to hear my friends complaining that their parents cancelled their mobile line just because they send too many messages. Sometimes more than 1000 messages when there was only 500 free. Now, we don't have to worry about the cost of sending too many messages. I think i'm sending out more than a few hundred messages a day now just because there's WhatsApp. Its a great way to chat and connect with people.

Why is everyone using it now? Even my uncles and aunties are using it. So it's not really a young person thing. I have to say WhatApp messaging has almost totally replaced normal messaging in our lives. SMS has sort of become a history. It is a very simple app but many people are using it. I wonder why?

How many WhatsApp messages are being sent out everyday? It is about 8-12Billion messages everyday. That is really amazing. The CEO of WhatsApp is Jan Koum. Watch the interview with him on how WhatsApp was started. Throughout the interview, he kept saying how he can improve the lives of people and how he can improve the services and solve people's problems. That i think is a key to success. If you can add value to people's lives, the chances of success is higher.

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  1. Do read the terms and condition of use, it would seem that they have access to ALL mobile numbers on your phone, also you are liable or ALL sorts of events especially if you lose your phone!
    99 cents per year, 1 billion customer base??

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    I shall go read it. I know they're charging users already. Most WhatsApp have expiry dates. Once expiry, you need to purchase again.