Sunday, September 29, 2013

My blogging experience and interview with successful bloggers

Saw this video on Youtube of an interview by channel news asia with successful bloggers. One of them is from Singapore called Wendy, who owns the popular blog, and the other is from Australia. The co-founder of nuffnang was also on the interview.

Before i show you the video, maybe i should talk about my blogging experience so far. I started my blog in 2011 to write on a new passion i found which was on finance and investing. I had no prior experience in blogging and did not know how to link my blog with other blogs or whatsoever. I had very little readers and i think from 2011 right up to June 2013 this year, i only had 200 plus views (well, i only had less then 40 posts in the last 2 years).

It was until in June this year that i was introduced to a finance blog by my colleague called A Singaporean Stock Market Investor (ASSI). This blog is owned by a guy called AK71 and i was inspired by the things he wrote on. I knew his blog had many readers from the comments he had on his blog posts. That was when i thought that i could start actively blogging again. I still had the passion for finance and investment stuffs. Thank you AK for your inspirations and also your encouraging comments on my blog.

I did a revamp of my blog 3 months ago and started linking to other blogs and financial websites. That was when views started to increase and i know the things i blog on are seen by people. It is the thought that my posts may help someone out there to better plan for his or her finances and i hope to inspire others to plan for their lives and achieve their dreams. To date, i've written 107 posts. I'm surprised that i can write so much unknowingly. This post is the 108th post. I've written 71 posts just this year alone.

So how's the performance of my blog for the past 3 months? From statistics, i've had an average of 12500 views per month. Total of about 37600 views for the past 3 months. The top view post is "My views on the new POSB Invest-Saver" with over 1800 views followed by "Investing Basics - Low Cost Index Fund investing (Passive Investing)" with 1200+ views and "The history of 9.5% Post Office Savings Bank (POSB) interest rates and the effects of inflation" with 1100+ views. I guess posts related to local investment products generate a lot of searches. I'm still getting traffic from search engines to this particular post till now.

The best experience of blogging is that i'm able to know other bloggers who share the same passion as me on finance and investments. Some of them have been around for quite some time while others are just as young as me. I've exchanged a few conversations with bloggers and readers alike through emails and also comments on each other blogs. You know who you are if you're reading this now. Thanks to both readers and other bloggers for your friendliness so far. I appreciate all the encouragements and comments i've received. Sometimes bloggers get nasty comments but i would say my blogging journey has still been smooth until now.

I have placed ads on my blog like what many other bloggers will do. This generates some profit and encourages me to continue blogging. But honestly, its doesn't generate much but still its better than nothing. I've also created a facebook page just less than a month ago and i appreciate those who have liked my page so far. Its also an encouragement for me to continue blogging. Do LIKE my page to support my efforts. Blogging does take effort especially when writing on finance related articles. I try to balance boring theoretical finance topics with more light hearted sharing posts so that readers do not get too bored. Thus, you may see that some of my posts will be on videos i come across, news i think is worth sharing or some rumblings of my life.

Moving forward, i hope to come up with more ideas and write better articles in the days ahead.

Now, here's a video of the interview with successful bloggers:

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  1. Hi,

    Keep up the good work in blogging. I enjoy your content very much.

    When time permits, i will also give constuctive feedbacks & comments. Look forward to your blogs in the years to come :) May we learn from one another.

    1. Hi Solace,

      Thanks for your compliments. Appreciate it! You've always been an encouragement :)

      I saw your guest post on AK's blog. Very well written analysis you have. Do drop by my blog often. Looking forward to your comments too ;)

      By the way, do you have a blog yourself also?

  2. Hi,

    I do not have a blog myself. I find it too time consuming and do not have the discipline to keep updating it. I am a lazy bum :)

    It must be pretty tedious for you to work and do part time studies at the same time. I understand as i went through the same thing before. On top of that, you still allocate time for blogging. I respect and admire your effort :)

    I will definitely drop by and make constructive comments whenever time permits. Keep up the good work Bro!

    1. Hi Solace,

      Yes, blogging is indeed time consuming. But I enjoy doing it so its ok for me. In a way, I found myself a new hobby.

      I think I've been really busy for the past one year since I started part time studying. Didn't know how I went through it. Now already quite used to the pace of life I have. Well, you went through it too so you know how its like.

      You're welcomed to drop by any time. Thanks for your encouragements. :)

  3. Hi SG Young Investment,

    No wonder I was sneezing. Sniff, sniff. ;p

    Gambatte! The local investment blogs scene can only benefit from having younger, more energetic and sensible bloggers like yourself. :)

    1. Hi AK,

      Lucky I wasn't talking bad about you. Haha. :p

      Many people have benefited from your blog and you're famous in the financial blogging world. Young bloggers like me have got lots to learn from you. :)